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Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 5 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 5 Quiz 2021 Answer Key
Written by Chetan Darji
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2 NISHTHASEC_ Understanding Secondary Stage Learners

September Module – 5

NISHTHASEC_ Understanding Secondary Stage Learners

Here is the Providing Information Regarding the Latest Answer Key Module – 5 NISHTHASEC_ Understanding Secondary Stage Learners.

Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 5 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

1. Which is one of the important needs of Adolescents?

Answer : shaping personal identity and developing relationships.

2. Genuineness ability to listen and having a positive regard when dealing with others are some of the important qualities a guidance – minded teacher must

Answer : Relate with others

3. Counselling is the process of empowering the clients

Answer : To resolve personal, social or psychological problem

4. Body-Image is an important issue that adolescents face. along with the feeling of being uncomfortable or embarrassed about their bodies, it results in

Answer – Low-self confidence and poor self-esteem

5. What is essential for effective functioning of the guidance and counselling approach in classrooms?

Answer : Establishing a trusting and caring teacher – student relationship

6. Karen, a 17-year-old boy, occasionally argues with his parents as he wants to go to the movies with his friends. He also comes Home late his parents are

Answer : An Adolescent wish to seek autonomy

7. Which is required to help the students deal with the problems of Emotional and Social adjustment that students face.

Answer : Personal – Social Guidance

8. There are development changes that a secondary student undergoes. These developmental changes do not include :

Answer : Economic

9. Which of these is the roadblock in effective communication?

Answer : Lack of attending Skills.

10. Which is true of peer-influence among adolescents?

Answer : It can be positive or negative

11.’Attending’ is an important stage of guidance in schools. It is an important skill where teachers;

Answer : Listen to verbal as well as non-verbal cues.

12. Izaan is a student of class XI. his mother noticed some changes in this behavior recently. He spends the majority of his day in gyms, eats only once a day, and

Answer : Body Image

13. Which is true for peer influence?

Answer : It can be Positive or Negative

14. Educational Guidance is the process of

Answer: Assisting students to reach optimum educational development

15. Positive regard is one important Quality that a teacher must exhibit in order to

Answer : Genuinely relate with students

16. The Function of Guidance and Counselling is to help the Adolescent.

Answer : Understand their developmental change

17. Vocational Guidance in school aims at

Answer : Making wise decisions in choosing a career.

18. A girl who is facing difficulty with her studies such as poor time management, procrastination may go for

Answer : Educational Guidance

19. Which of these is true for Counselling ?

Answer : It requires trained professionals

20. Which of these is not a characteristics, specific to Adolescent Learners ?

Answer : Health Issues

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