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Answer Key of NISHTHA 2.0 Courses 1 to 12 ( All in One ) Get 20/20 Score

Batch -2 of NISHTHA 2.0 Courses 1 to 12 ( All in One ) Get 2020 Score Answer Key
Written by Chetan Darji

NISHTHA  2.0 (Secondary Level) – Online

This is in continuation to earlier Circular no. Acad-65/2021 dated 10.08.2021 regarding Training of all Secondary Level Teachers in NISHTHA Modules. The Batch-2 of all NISHTHA Courses have been created to give the chance of course completion for the teachers who could not complete it in Batch-1.

Enrolment closing date: 25.01.2022
Course closing date: 31.01.2022

Answer Key of NISHTHA 2.0 Courses 1 to 12 ( All in One ) Get 20/20 Score

ModuleName of the Module / CourseAnswer Key Link
1NISHTHA SEC_Curriculum and Inclusive Classrooms Click Here to View
2NISHTHASEC_ICT in Teaching Learning and Assessment Click Here to View
3NISHTHASEC_Personal-Social Qualities for Holistic Development Click Here to View
4NISHTHASEC_ Art Integrated Learning Click Here to View
5NISHTHASEC_ Understanding Secondary Stage Learners Click Here to View
6NISHTHASEC_ Health and Well-being Click Here to View
7NISHTHASEC_ Integrating Gender in Schooling Processes Click Here to View
8NISHTHASEC_8 School Leadership : Concepts and Applications Click Here to View
9NISHTHASEC_9 Vocational Education Click Here to View
10NISHTHASEC_10. School Based Assessment Click Here to View
11NISHTHASEC_11 Initiatives in School Education Click Here to View
12NISHTHASEC_12 Toy Based Pedagogy Click Here to View

Above links are provided for the help of the Nishtha Training Module.

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