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Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 8 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

Written by Chetan Darji
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October Module – 8

NISHTHASEC_8 School Leadership : Concepts and Applications

School Leadership Development for Secondary School Heads: Concepts and Applications is conceptualized for secondary school heads and teachers with the prime objective of developing them as school leaders and teacher leaders who are capable of leading their school towards change and transformation, with the core mandate of improving student learning.

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Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 8 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

1. Leadership for learning does not draw special features from..

Answer – autocratic leadership

2. Which of these is not a model of school leadership.

Answer – negative leadership

3. Effective leadership at secondary level is aimed at

Answer : developing learner competencies among students.

4. Leadership skills for secondary school leader does not include :

Answer : positive attitude

5. When a school leader mediates in a conflict situation between teachers, he/she must ideally :

Answer : problem – solve

6. Values leadership comprises of :

Answer : beliefs, values, knowledge and experience

7. One of the most important role of a secondary school leader is to :

Answer : lead continuous professional development of self and teachers.

8. Techniques of academic supervision do not include :

Answer : dominating teachers

9. Which one is not a function of an academic supervisor ?

Answer : – demotivating teachers and staff.

10. Leadership for learning does not focus on :

Answer : delaying taking decisions.

11. Learning rounds is most helpful in :

Answer : building teachers capacities for effective transaction of learning – teaching processes.

12. Leadership for learning framework does not include

Answer : Creating conflict

13. The basic purpose of providing feedback to teachers is :

Answer : – to dialogue with teacher for improving learning teaching processes

14. Stress Management strategy would be based on :

Answer : – Developing human connect.

15. Which of these is not a correct attitude during mentoring a teacher ?

Answer : Criticizing teacher for lack of ability to solve the problem.

16. Teacher leadership does not imply:

Answer : – Continuing with lecture method at all times.

17. An effective way to deal with conflict resolution is :

Answer : – use effective communication skills.

18. Academic leadership does not include :

Answer : – Knowledge of rules and regulations.

19. Vision building is important for :

Answer : setting a futuristic direction for transformation of a school.

20. Which of these cannot be characterized as a leadership practice ?

Answer : – Mismanaging school functions.

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