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Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 7 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

Written by Chetan Darji
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2 NISHTHASEC_ Integrating Gender in Schooling Processes

October Month Module – 7

NISHTHASEC_ Integrating Gender in Schooling Processes

Here is the Providing Information Regarding the Latest Answer Key Module – 7 NISHTHASEC_ Integrating Gender in Schooling Processes

Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 7 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

1. Which of the following is not an example of gender stereotypes ?

Answer : – children of all genders are capable of doing anything.

2. A gender friendly school Environment is one where :

Answer : – Understands the experiences and addresses the requirements of the boys, girls and transgender students in social and physical environment.

3. Why is gender a people’s issue and not a women’s issue?

Answer – It concerns the issues faced by men, women, transgender persons as shaping of social mores is the responsibility of all genders.

4. Which amongst the following may not be considered as a challenge to democracy?

Answer :- environmental Degradation

5.’Adolescence is a crucial and complex stage of the life cycle. which of the following attitudes/ behaviors can help in overcoming anxiety and guilt among adolescents.

Answer :- Providing a safe space to express freely and patiently listening to their problems.

6. Gender analysis helps in understanding____________

Answer : – Differences in school relationships between women and men.

7. Which of the following are not a part of a teachers’ role in classrooms. ?

Answer :- Doing homeworks on the learner’s behalf.

8. How can teachers provide a sensitive class environment ?

Answer : – By creating a safe space for children, being respectful of their needs, being available to listen and ready to unlearn their own biases.

9. Which of the following processes promotes gender sensitivity in the classrooms ?

Answer :- By ensuring careful usage of the adjectives to address boys and girls in class activities.

10. Which of the following aspects does not form as part of gender auditing of school environment –

Answer : – No Zero tolerance policy against gender violence and discrimination.

11. Which of the following statements is not true about women’s rights ?

Answer : – They do not have equal right to pay.

12. Which of the following sentences can help in removing feelings of alienation in learning environment among girls and transgenders children?

Answer : – Positive and equal representation on of girls and transgender children in leaving material as well as pedagogical processes.

13. Which of the following features help in ensuring a zero – tolerance zone for violence in schools ?

Answer : – Safe physical infrastructure, strict code of conduct policy and strong surveillance system.

14. A Textbook of class IX has some illustrations which depict women as teachers and doctors while men as engineers and political leaders. This type if depiction is likely to promote.

Answer : – Gender Stereotype

15. How can schools provide psychological support to learners –

Answer : – By providing guidance and counselling services to learners.

16. The effective integration of gender perspectives in the teaching learning of social sciences will enable students to :

Answer : – Critically examine socio – political and economic issues and questions various dimensions of inequality.

17. How does hidden curriculum operate in the school ?

Answer : – Through physical spaces and organizational arrangements, in celebration of events and occasions in assigning tasks given to boys, girls and transgender in school.

18. Which of the following sentences are ‘ biological’

Answer : – Women undergo serve pain during menstruation.

19. Which of the following measures should principals take to create a gender inclusive school environment?

Answer : – Provide equal opportunities to all gender and perform periodic gender auditing of the school environment.

20. For developing a gender just society, greater focus should be on.

Answer : – Entire community including boys, girls transgender children and parents.

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