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Nishtha 3.0 FLN Diksha Portal Module 4 Involvement of parents and communities for FLN Quiz Answer Key

Nishtha 3.0 FLN Diksha Portal Module 4 Involvement of parents and communities for FLN Quiz Answer Key
Written by Chetan Darji

Nishtha 3.0 FLN Diksha Portal Module 4 Involvement of parents and communities for FLN Quiz Answer Key

  1. Teacher is following a good communication practice if the teacher

Answer : Acknowledges the note from the parent adds own comments to facilitate further communication

2. Why the involvement of community is beneficial for the school and children?

Answer : Community has multiple resources, physical, financial and human which can be helpful for schools and the children

3. What is the main reason for divide between parents’ expectations and their actual support for the education of children?

Answer : Parents and teachers are not properly oriented on the development of meaningful partnerships

4. What is important for families to know if they want to support their learning in FLN?

Answer : Learning outcomes for every stage

5. The Lakshya or the Targets for Foundational Literacy and Numeracy have been stated in four areas

Answer : Oral language, Reading, Writing and Numeracy

6. Which of the following methods should be used to educate parents to support children’s learning?

Answer : Keeping formal and informal interactions open to the convenience of parents

7. Attending PTMs regularly helps parents to know about children’s progress in

Answer : In all developmental areas

8. Demonstrating and doing together art activities with locally available no cost material at home is a / an

Answer : Engaging activity

9. Parents’ involvement is critical at the foundational stage and it comprises of children in the age group of

Answer : 3 to 8 years

10. Foundational language and literacy skills relate to

Answer : Children’s skills related to language, expression, communication, etc.

11. Which of the following is a good practice by the teacher to send regular updates to parents?

Answer : Diary note

12. Why is support from parents required at the foundational stage for enhancing FLN skills?

Answer : Support from home is crucial as children spend out of school time at home

13. When parents involve children in making low cost toys, it helps in the development of

Answer : Not only creative skills but children also get a sense of proportions and background on spatial and shape concepts

14. Which of the following activities can parents do to enhance children’s story awarness?

Answer : Read aloud

15. Communities and parents should be made aware of the learning levels of children to

Answer : Achieve better learning outcomes

16. Parents can create print and numeracy rich environment by labeling different part of the house like

Answer : Room, kitchen, school bag, toilet, door, etc.

17. Creating a FLN resource center in the classroom/school for the parents/families will help parents to

Answer : Borrow relevant books/materials to support children’s learning

18. Which of the following is not an activity to promote Foundational Numeracy by the parents at home?

Answer : Tracing along the letter

19. During a PTM, when the teacher talks about the child’s holding the book upside down, the teacher is talking to parents about a child’s progress in

Answer : Book handling and foundational literacy

20. Parents can sing along with their children (to promote Foundational Literacy) and encourage them to identify the

Answer : Rhyming words in a poem/song

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