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Link for Free Online Teachers’ Training Programme on ‘Conducive Learning Environment’

Youtube Link for Free Online Teachers Training Programme on Conducive Learning Environment
Written by Chetan Darji

Free Online Teachers’ Training Programme on ‘Conducive Learning Environment’.

Creating a conducive learning environment means to establish the fundamental conditions that must exist if children are to learn. Necessary physical ingredients of learning, learner centered pedagogies, integration of social and emotional aspects of learning, recognizing individual differences, building horizontal connections and assessment for learning are some of the factors that lead to conditions which are conducive to learning and ensure achievement of learning outcomes in a threat free environment.

With an objective to guide our teachers in creating such an environment in a formal educational setting where learning thrives for all and suitable monitoring mechanisms are in place for constant self evaluation and growth, CBSE is launching an online training programme on ‘Conducive Learning Environment’.

This programme consists of textual resources, videos and assessment activities for course completion. Additional resources are provided in the reference section for extended learning. It is a 5 hours Online Course which can be completed in asynchronous mode at one’s own pace.

The online Module is going to be launched on 8th February, 2022 at 3 pm

Please note

  • Course material and assessment shall be available in respective Google classrooms.
  • Link of Classrooms shall be available on: Link of the classrooms on the above domain shall be changed when one Cohort is filled.
  • Participants are advised to join only one Cohort and use the available current link at the time of joining.
  • Participants can join the classroom and assessment by using their ID only.
  • Board has shared teachers’ IDs with the schools through the CBSE Centers of Excellence. Teachers, who have not received ID, can contact the concerned Centre of Excellence through their respective schools. Individual requests will not be entertained.
  • Assessment Link in the classroom will be available for the participants from 15.02.2022.
  • Participants are advised to fill the assessment form with utmost care. One participant can submit the assessment only once.
  • Spellings of the name and email ID should be checked twice before submitting the assessment form. Any mistake will be reflected in the certificate.
  • Participants can download their certificates from 10.03.2022 onwards from CBSE Training Portal
  • It may take 15-20 days to upload the certificates on the training portal after completion of assessment

E-Certificate shall be awarded to the participants on successful completion of assessment.

Principals and Teachers of all the schools affiliated to the Board are requested to join the course. Queries, if any, are welcome at [email protected]

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