Latest Tips for New YouTube channel in 2021

Latest Tips for New YouTube channel in 2021
Written by Chetan Darji

Here are my tips for you,

To Increase Your subscriber, 

Do follow these simple tips. Once you started to upload videos to your channel,

YouTube tips 2021
  1. Do SEO for your videos,
  2. Make Unique thumbnail for your videos.
  3. Do make Cards, End screen for your videos.
  4. Make a playlist for your videos (If it is in the same category).
  5. Promote on the social media platform.
  6. be consistency in uploading videos.
  7. in end of the video ask viewers to subscribe to my channel.
  8. promote your videos on your website, or blog.
  9. Create a channel trailer.
  10. Do have subtitles.

To Increase Views,

Latest Tips for Youtube
  1. Promote it on social media platforms.
  2. Do SEO for your videos.
  3. promote it on your website or blog.
  4. Do comment related your niche videos.
  5. Share it with family and friends.
  6. Post unique and attractive video content.

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