What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know
Written by Chetan Darji

1. Don’t talk to a person who is wearing headphones. You are basically wasting your time.

2. Don’t talk while chewing or eating.

3. Don’t upload your pictures on social media when you have given a leave application regarding your bad health.

4. Don’t use “ k , hmm” in your conversation. It sounds as if you are least interested.

5. If a girl’s strap is out. Don’t stare at it. It gives same feeling “when you guys forget to close the pant’s zip”.

6. If anyone has given you a chocolate. Share it with him/her.

7. Let people exit before you enter.

8. Don’t give advice to people unless you are asked.

9. Follow the queue.

10. Give the same respect to waiters and staff which you give to your boss. It is polite to decline the first offer of seating, food, drink, etc. Accept the second offer.

11. Don’t start an argument with anyone who’s hungry or tired.

Don't start an argument with anyone who's hungry or tired

12. Don’t call someone more than twice.

13. When someone lends you money, return it on time with something more. For example, a small basket of fruit or food that you personally cooked.

14. When eating out with friends, and your order came out first, wait until everyone has their food.

15.Unless the movie theatre is crowded, do not sit right next to someone.

16. Don’t judge or make fun at the way a man makes his income. You have no idea how they came up to that situation.

Don’t judge or make fun at the way a man makes his income

17. Regardless if your buddy is a real jerk or not, Don’t make him look bad in front of a girl he likes.

18. If someone has their headphones in or is reading a book, don’t start a casual conversation with them unless necessary.

19. In the service industry, never be openly critical about someone’s parenting even if it is horribly stupid and wrong. Just suffer in silence as they create another awful human being.

20.If you’re in a club and your friend asks if you need the toilet, you go with her regardless of whether you actually need to pee or not.

21. Gifts are not opened in the giver’s presence. Thank the giver and set it aside.

22.Don’t gaze at other people’s phone.

23.Do not force your beliefs on others.

Do not force your beliefs on others.

24.When someone drops something on the floor by mistake or drops food from the plate, don’t stare and pretend that you saw nothing.

25.When you lose, accept it and say little, when you win say less.

26.Make requests, not demands.

27.Tip your food server.

Tip your food server

28. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

29.When contributing to buy food or drinks with friends, and you don’t have money, ask one of them to loan you so that you can contribute.

30. Never outshine or out dress someone on their special day – weddings, engagements, birthday parties and the like.

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