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How to Crack or Pass Dakshana Foundation Exam ?

How to Crack or Pass Dakshana Foundation Exam
Written by Chetan Darji

How to Crack or Pass Dakshana Foundation Exam ?

How to Crack or Pass Dakshana Foundation Exam

So let’s talk about Dakshana preparation….If you are in 9th class then please start your preparation and if you are in 10th then you should be serious now for your examination a student who is in 10th should start his preparation for Dakshana at beginning of 10th….You guys just follow my tips I am damn sure that u will get 100% result

First of all I suggest you to continue with Physics

because it is little more tough and many of the peoples couldn’t find those numerical you guys firstly you should know how to solve numericals especially of Electricity chapter First you should strong your electricity then after optics….You can also buy references like Dinesh , Pradeep ,HC Verma etc. because it will be more suitable for you guys because it contains high order thinking skills questions and those were the question that are regularly asked in Dakshana exam…So guys references are very important. First Complete your NCERT Physics and then Your reference books

Now let’s talk about chemistry…. Tension not chemistry is the most scoring and easy subject in Dakshana…You just guys continue with your NCERT Book and try to solve some high order numericals of mole concept….and the rest will be depends upon your memorising power because as we know chemistry depends upon our memorising 😁Ya u can also take reference of Pradeep it will be the best👍

Now it’s turn of mathematics…I just want to say that continue with your NCERT and R.D Sharma books it’s very important book guys trust me if you completed that RD Sharma book and your NCERT also you will be selected definitely…and try to solve those graphical representation questions because I’ve observed that many of the question are related to finding the co-ordinates {etc}  And guys also try to solve some MCQ type questions….that’s enough

Dakshana Foundation doesn’t release any such syllabus to be followed to crack the selection test. But you must go some extra mile to be a Dakshana scholar. I would suggest a few things with my experience of being one of them

Tips for Pass Dakshana Foundation Exam

Tips for Pass Dakshana Foundation Exam
  1. Keep an excellent academic record.
  2. In addition to your NCERT book for Maths, Physics and Chemistry try solving questions from RD Sharma or other reference books too.
  3. Remember that they take tests for thousands to select few depending upon the seats available for an year, so you must prove yourself worthy.
  4. Ask is to be thorough with the syllabus of class 9th and 10th but I would suggest you to solve more challenging problems and concept from other reference books. It may not dig dipper into class 11th Physics or Chemistry but if you haven’t gone through books other than NCERT you may feel that they are not from your syllabus.
  5. For logical reasoning I don’t think you need to put extra effort to prepare. Just try managing time.

For reasoning I will prefer NTSE book by Arihant now my work is over and now it’s in your hand…wish you all the very best🙏

All the best 🙂

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