How is the Life of Navodaya Teacher (JNV)

How is the Life of Navodaya Teacher JNV
Written by Chetan Darji

Overall all Navodaya vidyalayas are similar. But certain factors may lead to different experience as a teacher in different Navodaya vidyalayas.

Let’s discuss the similarities first.

  1. No warden for Students. Teachers are taking care of the students. Any unfortunate event and the House Master( Warden) will be held responsible, that is You.
  2. It also leads to no fixed working hours.
  3. A lot of non teaching work will be alloted to you. Like Publicity for JNV entrance exam(including distribution, collection, web uploading of Application forms), escorting students (to other JNVs in other states) with full responsibility, Some local purchase etc and other office works.
  4. Sometimes, you may have to deal with autocratic officers (Being an Autonomous body, there are many).

Let’s discuss the factors which may feel different at different Navodaya Vidyalayas.

  1. Location: The place where you are posted is important. Student behaviour is different in different places based on there cultural values. Also lesser facilities (Health care, Education for kids, Food, Transport etc.)are available at difficult/ hard stations.
  2. Staff: If you have supporting staff (importantly Principal) you may not feel much work pressure.


There are some positives as well.

  1. Good Salary (very less opportunities to spend anyways).
  2. Remote Location may be a blessing for crowd haters.
  3. Free Food. (All three time meals are Not for all Teachers.) Better to eat at your Home/Quarter.
  4. Much respect from Students (in their hearts) if you are an honest and communicative teacher.
  5. You will learn how to raise your own kids.
  6. If teaching is your passion, you will be satisfied at the end of the day.

Hopefully, my answer will give you some idea.

PS: I may sound Negative, but I am enjoying this job.

– Credit Goes to Navodaya Teachers

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