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Fundamentals of Computer – Representation of Data (One Liner) | Computer Instructor

Fundamentals of Computer - Representation of Data (One Liner) Computer Instructor
Written by Chetan Darji

In this Article we give information regarding Computer Instructor or teacher Question Bank – One Liner questions that can help you in your upcoming Computer Instructor Exam.


Data can be name, a number, the colors in a photograph, or the notes its called Data.

Data Representation

It refers to the form in which data is stored, processed, and transmitted.

Alphanumeric code – also known as character code.

00000000000000NULNULL CHAR
20020200000010STXSTART OF TEXT
30030300000011ETXEND OF TEXT
80080800001000BSBACK SPACE
100100A00001010LFLINE FEED
110110B00001011VTVERTICAL TAB
120120C00001100FFFORM FEED
140140E00001110SOSHIFT OUT / X ON
150150F00001111SISHIFT IN / X O

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Fundamentals of Computer – Top 10 Questions for Representation of Data (One Liner)

1. Binary equivalent of (0.6875) 10 is

Answer – 0.1101

2. BCD code for decimal 9 is

Answer – 1001

3. The Decimal number 617 is hexadecimal equivalent to

Answer – 269

4. The decimal equipment of the octal number 630.4 is

Answer – 408.5

5. The decimal value 0.25

Answer – is equivalent to the binary value 0.1

6. Binary addition of two 8-bit numbers 10101010 and 11001100 is

Answer – 01110110 with carry one (1)

7. The Decimal equivalent f the binary number 1001111 is –

Answer – 79

8. 9 can be represented in 8bit EBCDIC code as

Answer – 11111001

9. Binary equivalent of (63.25)10 is

Answer – 111111.11

10. BCD is

Answer – Binary Coded Decimal

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