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Fundamentals of Computer – Input Output Devices (One Liner) | Computer Instructor

Fundamentals of Computer - Input Output Devices (One Liner) Computer Instructor
Written by Chetan Darji

In this Article we give information regarding Computer Instructor or teacher Question Bank – One Liner questions that can help you in your upcoming Computer Instructor Exam.

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Fundamentals of Computer – Top 20 Questions for Input Output Devices (One Liner)

1. The Devices used to obtain a printed matter into digital form, and digital matter into printed form respectively are,

Answer – Scanner and Printer

2. The output quality of a Printer is measured by _________

Answer – Dot per Inch

3. Where as a computer mouse moves over the table surface, the trackball is

Answer – Stationery

4. Which is considered a direct entry input device?

Answer – Optical Scanner, Mouse and Digitizer, Light Pen

5. Which of the following Statement is True ?

Answer – Software refers to a collection programs

6. Which of the following techniques is best suited for bank cheques?

Answer – MICR

7. A bootstrap is ________

Answer – A small initialization program to start up a computer

8. Which of the following is a sequential access device

Answer – Magnetic Tape

9. OMR stands for _________

Answer – Optical Mark Reader

10. The two types of output devices are –

Answer – Monitor and Printer

11. Mouse techniques used for access in properties of any object is –

Answer – Right clicking

12. To see all information which device output uses ?

Answer – Monitor

13. What is a function of a keyboard in computer?

Answer – Input

14. The work done by a computer operator is displayed in which part of computer ?

Answer – VDU – Visual Display Unit

15. Which of the following is a medium of output?

Answer – Printer

16. How many types of printers are there ?

Answer – Two (Impact and Non- Impact)

17. A Line printer prints ____________liners per minutes.

Answer – 200 to 2500

18. The slate shaped object below mouse is called

Answer – Mouse pad

19. Link Between computer and a human is possible by –

Answer – Input and Output

20. Which of the following works as mouse ?

Answer – Track Ball

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