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Apply Online Dakshana NCST 2022 For Class 10 JNV Schools Students

Apply Online for Dakshana NCST 2022 For Class 10 - JNV Schools Students
Written by Chetan Darji

Dakshana is conducting the NCST (Navodaya COE Selection Test) 2022 which is common for the selection of students for all Navodaya Centre of Excellence (COE) associated with three knowledge partners i.e., Dakshana Foundation, Ex-Navodaya Foundation, and Avanti Foundation.

NCST 2022 For Class 10 – Navodaya JNV Schools Students

Instructions to Upload Students’ Data

Students’ Data Upload Process MUST be done by JNV schools only

Kindly log in with your login email at While logging in for the first time, please enter your school email ID and click on “Login with OTP” and enter the OTP received on the email/Mobile number and set your password. Remember and store your password. Subsequently, you can login using your password only. In case you have forgot your password, enter, your school email ID and click on ‘Forgot Password’ button, An OTP will be received in your school email ID, enter the OTP and new password.

Direct Link for School Login

Dakshana School Login

The following process should be done ONLY on a desktop/laptop. Please DO NOT use a mobile/tablet.

After login follow these steps:

Step 1:

steps for Dakshana School Login 2022

Click on My Profile in the left navigation pane and verify the details of your school. You can edit information in the non-shaded fields. To update your mobile number/email ID please fill this form:

Dakshana will update the information and after that you can login. Click on “Update Info” to save changes.

Step 2:

Click on X or XII under “Upload Students’ Data”.

dakshana upload students for class 10

Recently showing Only for Class X

Step 3:

Click on Download Template.

upload students data in Dakshana Class 10

The template is in .csv format and can be edited in MS Excel. ONLY use the file downloaded as template to fill data and upload. Do not make any changes in the headers or columns in the template.

Do not create a separate file in Excel. Please use the template file.

Step 4: For JNV Schools

Please follow the below instructions carefully to fill data in the template exactly as per the format required.

Information should filled in the form of dakshana

For NCST: (Current Class 10 Students Data)

Science and Mathematics Marks

Class 10 Term 1 Maths_TotalEnter the total theory marks of Term 1 exam of Class 10 Maths
Class 10 Term 1 Maths_ObtainedEnter the obtained marks of Maths
Class 10 Term 1 Science_TotalEnter the total theory marks of Term 1 exam of Class 10 Science
Class 10 Term 1 Science_ObtainedEnter the obtained marks of Science

Step 5:

Click on X under “Upload Students’ Data”. Click on Upload Xth Marks. (Available in top right corner) Choose the template file saved in Step 4 and click on Upload at the bottom of the box.

Records for students whose data is correctly filled will be uploaded.

If there is a mismatch between the format in which data is expected and the way it is filled, the record will not be uploaded for that particular student and will be listed on the screen as a Fail Report. The fields where there are errors will be highlighted in red.

Step 6:

You have completed the Upload process if you have reached this step. Dakshana will screen the uploaded data and shortlist the students invited for the NCST 2022.

An email will be sent to the school’s registered email address after upload deadline is over with a list of the invited students. The list will also be available in the portal under Invited Students Tab.

The invited students shall be required to fill the Scholar Application form on the portal subsequently.

Helpline of Dakshana

If you have any queries, please email to [email protected]

OR chat with us at

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