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Written by Chetan Darji

Search By Duration

Like You have less time to show Video and You want to show only Short video then you want to write in YouTube Search Bar

7  youtube search tricks & tips
Tip : Topic Name, Short
Search by Duration Short

Then you can see only short time duration Videos.

If you have more time and you want to learn deeply knowledge, You want to get more information about the specific Topic then you write

Tip : Topic Name, Long
Search by Duration Long

Search By Creator

Second one is Search by Creator you want to show video on Specific Creator then write in YouTube search Bar

Tip : Topic, Creator Name ( Like Chetan Darji)
Search By Creator

Then only showing Videos by Chetan Darji

Search By Channel

Third One is Search By Channel like you want to information about the CBSE Project, Channel then show CBSE Projects all Channels.

Tip : Topic, Channel Name
Search by channel

Then showing All CBSE Project Related Channels.

Search By Live

If you don’t want to editing videos you want to only Enjoy only Live Videos then write

Tip : Topic, Live (Example Like News,Live)
Search by Live

Then Showing News only Live. this tip to Enjoy All Live Programs.

Search By Playlist

If you want to all videos about specific Topic then you have to search by Playlist.

Tip : Topic, Playlist (Example Like Study motivation, Playlist )
Search by Playlist

after that showing all playlist about the Study Motivational.

Search By Emission

Search by Emission means like you want to only specific topic under videos not other than similar meaning of videos. then you want to write that things

Tip : Topic, – not want (Example Like Black Coffee -Recipe)
Search by Emission

Search By Inclusion

that means you want only that topic title not other than that time you want to write that things.

Tip : allintitle, Topic Name (Example allintitle : review about tanaji & chapak)
Search by Allintitle

That time only showing title things.

I Hope you enjoy this article.

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