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What should I post as my first blog entry & Bonus Topics in 2022 ?

What should I post as my first blog entry in 2021
Written by Chetan Darji

In the first blog post your write for your blog, you should write about the following:

  1. Who you are.
  2. Why did you start this blog.
  3. What do you wish to accomplish with this blog.
  4. The story of your life.

It is the first entry of your blog.

Introduce yourself to your audience.

Let them know who you really are.

Add your photo to the top of the post.

Let them know what you do.

Share the story of your life with them.

Let them know how your blog will help them.

Let them know why you started this blog.

The first post that you write for your blog won’t get much views. The first post that I wrote for my blog got me 9 views.

But remember, 1 is greater than 0.

Keep putting in the work and eventually you will start getting much more readers for your blog.

I Suggested Topics for You ( Bonus )

Chetan Darji – Founder of Stud Mentor

Well it depends on your capabilities where you’re comfortable writing. You can start with some common topics as well. According to me, these are the best topics:

  1. How to boost your immune system? Some healthy ways to maintain good health.
  2. How to come out of a long relationship with someone.
  3. How to maintain your schedule in daily life.
  4. How to choose the right platforms for career.
  5. How to stay motivated throughout the day.
  6. Some weight loss and gain tips with correct diet plans.
  7. Best travel locations around the globe.

Apart from all these topics, you can write something in your comfort zone and share your personal experiences too.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments 🙂

Happy Reading

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