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What is Network Devices ? Types of Network Devices 2022 – Computer

What is Network Devices Types of Network Devices 2022 - Computer
Written by Chetan Darji

What is Network Devices ?

Network devices or communication devices are the units that mediate data in a computer network and also called network equipment. There are many types of network devices used in networking and some of them are described below:

1. Hub

A hub is a device, used with computer systems to connect several computers together. It acts as a centralized connection to several computers with the central node or server.

It is a multiport device, which provides access to computers. There are two types of hub as follows.

  • Active Hub

This acts as repeaters. It amplifies the signal as it moves from one device to another.

  • Passive hub

This simply passes the signal from one connected device to another.

 2. Switch

   A Switch is a hardware device, which is used to connect device or segments of the network into smaller subsets of LAN segments.

The main purpose of segmenting is to prevent the traffic overloading in a network.

3. Repeater

Repeater is a hardware device. It is used to amplify the feeble signals when they are transported over a long distance.

The basic function of a repeater is to amplify the incoming signal and retransmit it, to the other device.

Repeaters are of two types

  1. Amplifier
  2. Signal Repeater

4. Gateway

A gateway is a device, which is used to connect dissimilar networks. The gateway establishes intelligent connections between a local network and external networks, which are completely different in structure.

5. Bridge

Bridges serve a similar function as switch. A bridge filters data traffic at a network boundary. Bridges reduce the amount of traffic on a LAN by dividing it into two segments.

6. Router

Router is a hardware device, which is designed to take incoming packets, analyses the packets, moving the packets to another network, converting the packets to another network interface, dropping the packets, directing packets to the appropriate locations etc.

Routers are called hop in the series.

7. Modem  (Modulator Demodulator)

Modem is a device that converts digital signal to analog signal (modulator) at the sender’s site and converts back analog signal to digital signal (demodulator) at the receiver’s end, in order to make communication possible via telephone lines.

It enables a computer to transmit data over telephone or cable lines.

Modems are of two tpyes as follows.

  1. Internal Modem – fixed within a computer
  2. External Modem – Connected externally to a computer.

8. RJ45 Connector

RJ45 stands for Registered Jack-45. It is an eight wire connector. RJ45 connector is used to connect computers onto a Local Area Network (LAN)

It is commonly used in telephony application and networking. It is also used for serial connections.

9. Ethernet Card

An Ethernet card is a kind of network adapter. These adapters support the Ethernet standard for high-speed network connections via cables.

Ethernet cards are sometimes known as Network Interface cards(NICs)

Ethernet cards are available in several different standard packages called form factors.

10. Wi-Fi Card

These are small and portable cards that allows tro connect to the Internet through a wireless network. In these cards, the Internet through a wireless network. In these cards, transmission is done through radio waves. The antenna transmits the radio signals to those equipment, which has Wi-Fi cards.

Wi-Fi cards can be external or internal. If a Wi-Fi card is not installed in your computer, you may purchase a USB antenna attachment and have it externally connected to you device. Many newer computers, mobile devices etc., are equipped with wireless networking capability  and do not require a Wi-Fi card.

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