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What are the Best Study Tips & Tricks for upcoming Exam 2022?

What are the Best Study Tips & Tricks for upcoming Exam 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

Education is an important and essential part of life that should not be taken for granted. So if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to suck it up and do your schoolwork. It will all pay off in the end.

Some Tips & Tricks :

Best Study Tips & Tricks 2021

1. Decide which part of the day for you is the best time to study .i.e. morning/afternoon/evening

2. Draw up a timetable for this time and stay with the schedule. Note down important due dates for tests, homework, assignments etc in advance. Keep the timetable and due dates in a place where you can look and review it on a daily basis.

3. Follow the 50/10 study rule. 50 mins of study followed by a 10 minute break.

4. Most people can only concentrate between 30 and 50 mins before they lose focus.

5. During the break, step away from your studies and make sure it is 10 mins only.

6. Find/create a study space away from distractions like tv, mobile phones, iPod etc.

7. Do your hardest subjects first – the ones you like second – see this as a reward.

8. Rotate your subjects to avoid getting bored and distracted.

9. Concentrate on areas of the subject you are struggling with *NOT* what you already know and are comfortable with as this will save you a lot of time.

10. Use mind maps for studying as this assists with identifying the key concepts/ideas/theories that you need to learn.

11. Summarize and condense your study notes so when it comes to revision or for examinations you are not having to go through a pile of paper trying to find the information and getting stressed.

12. Develop an effective filing system for each subject. Label each folder clearly for each of your subjects and make sure that all the write learning material, your notes, mind-maps corresponds to the subject.

13. When you are studying and you expect calls from friends ask someone to take a message and you will call them back during the break or when you are finished.

14. Your study area should be comfortable, a good table, chair and lighting plusventilation is important and free from all distractions where possible. Keep it tidy otherwise you start to lose or get things mixed up.

15. Form a study support group of like-minded students as this can help the only downside that humans being socially able creatures may not work out well.

16. If you find that there are aspects to a subject that do not make sense ask for assistance from someone you know that can help you clarify things rather than sit there and get frustrated.

17. See internet as a resource to your success by probing them for answers about questions about a subject so that you develop a better understanding.

Remember, studying is very individualistic, what works for one person may not for another, so do not be afraid to experiment with your approach and management of your studies it is important that you are comfortable with it and using your time constructively.

Quick final tips :

Firstly, study everyday. Make your schedule and time table. Secondly whenever you study always prepare short notes. It will help you a lot in your final exams. Thirdly, never cram. Always understand the concept of the chapter being study. These things will surely help you.

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