What are the Benefits, Facilities & Duties of Navodaya Teachers 2024?

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What are the Benefits, Facilities & Duties of Navodaya Teachers 2024 ?

Want to Become Navodaya Teacher Here are the all Facilities and Incentives about the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.

The Objective of the Samiti is to provide quality education which requires committed teachers as they are the backbone of the educational system. Appointments to the posts of teachers and to non-teaching staff are processed through selection test and Personal Interview. The Selection Committee constituted to select the incumbents for these posts comprises of officers of the Samiti, eminent educationists, persons having experience of the residential school system, persons belonging to SC/ST, minorities, lady representatives, subject experts etc. who ensure that there is a proper assessment of the overall personality of the candidates.



With a view to encourage better quality teachers to join Navodaya Vidyalayas, the following incentives are at present being provided to them:

  1. Rent free, housing facilities as available on site.
  2. Facility of admission to their wards in the Navodaya Vidyalaya where they are posted.
  3. House-Master allowance @ Rs. 800/– per month for Associate House-Master allowance Rs. 400/- per month.
  4. Free boarding with students as per rules.
  5. Special Allowance @ 10% of Pay.

Duties of Navodaya Teacher

Holi Celebration in Navodaya vidyalaya

There are up to 30–35 teaching and 10–15 non teaching staff in JNVs. No doubt they earn in lakhs per year. They have their quarters in JNV campus only. They can eat food also in mess. They can easily get all this facility like water,electricity,furniture,etc.

Unlike other teachers their duties start from morning PT 5:00 am. They have to MASTER ON DUTY *(MOD) per day a teacher have all responsibilities from PT to NIGHT REPORTING. 

Navodaya computer teacher Sh. Chetan Darji

All of them have to present in morning assembly and if they are house master they have all over responsibility of houses. Then in academic time they have to teach us without any excuse because they have to fill their per day performance in each class what they taught us is being recorded and daily checked by PRINCIPAL.

After it they have 1 hour for their lunch and when bell ring for remedial class. Half of them have to present for duty in remedial study. Then sports time they play with students. After it another half of staff have to pay their duty in supervised study.

Then dinner time house master of concerned House on Duty have to be present at mess. In night a roll call at all house have to organised by concerned house master.

And there duty still not completed they have to present and pay their parenting at late night if any of the student is ill at night no matter if the time is 2:00 am or 3:00 am.

Some Facts of Navodaya Teacher

Navodaya teacher Teacher Walk

JNVs are the place which provide complete development of a Student. It provide many facilities to students which can also availed by teachers.I have studied in one of JNV, I can tell based on my observation

  1. They gets good quarters with facilities in campus where they can stay with their family.
  2. They have facilities to use student mess as per their needs
  3. They have quota for the admission of their two kids without any entrance exam with all the facilities.
  4. They can use Library facilities.
Benefit of Navodaya teacher

They get to travel to other Navodaya for various events like Sports events (Clusters, Regional and National level), Science exhibitions and various other extra curricular activities.

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