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Top 25 Questions for Computer Instructor Job Rajasthan (From IA Old Paper) 2022

Top 25 Questions for Computer Instructor Job Rajasthan (From IA Old Paper) 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

Top 50 Questions for Computer Instructor

In this Article we providing you top 50 questions for the your Computer Instructor Job. Questions are taken from the Information Assistant Old Paper.

Information Assistant (सूचना सहायक) Computer Question/Old Paper

1. XML definition is used along with XML to specify :

  • (a) The data types of the contents of XML document
  • (b) The Structure of XML document
  • (c) The presentation of XML document
  • (d) The links with other documents

Answer – (d) The links with other documents

2. Which of the following is not a search engine ?

  • (a) Yahoo
  • (b) Bingo
  • (c) Google
  • (d) Windows

Answer – (d) Windows

3. Search engine which takes input from a user and simultaneously send out queries to third party search engines for result, is :

  • (a) Advance Search Engine
  • (b) Meta Search Engine
  • (c) Search Tool
  • (d) Boolean Search Engine

Answer – (b) Meta Search Engine

4. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred as :

  • (a) Tag List
  • (b) Search Engine Result Pages
  • (c) Search Engine Pages
  • (d) Category List

Answer – (b) Search Engine Result Pages

5. Which of the following is not a recovery technique ?

  • (a) Deferred update
  • (b) Immediate update
  • (c) Two-phase commit
  • (d) Recovery management

Answer – (c) Two-phase commit

6. A Statement that is executed automatically by the system as a side effect of a modification to the database is known as :

  • (a) Assertion
  • (b) Triggers
  • (c) Referential constraints
  • (d) Insertion

Answer – (b) Triggers

7. An integral part of database that can restore database to previous state before failure is called :

  • (a) Recovery Scheme
  • (b) Backup Scheme
  • (c) Restoring Scheme
  • (d) Transaction Scheme

Answer – (a) Recovery Scheme

8. Drawing, photographs, movies and simulation comes under the category of :

  • (a) Animation
  • (b) Image
  • (c) Graphics
  • (d) Text

Answer – (c) Graphics

9. Vector and ____________ are the two types of computer graphics.

  • (a) Scalar
  • (b) Sector
  • (c) Rector
  • (d) Raster

Answer – (d) Raster

10. The ratio of vertical points to horizontal points and vice-versa is called

  • (a) Bitmap ratio
  • (b) Aspect ratio
  • (c) Pointer ratio
  • (d) Resolution ratio

Answer – (b) Aspect ratio

11. _____________ is a technology that allows brick and mortar retail stores to send messages directly to the smart phones of their customers by.

  • (a) Beacons
  • (b) Bitcoin
  • (c) Business CRM
  • (d) Big Data

Answer – (c) Business CRM

12. The _______ facility allows customers to purchase the items they want online, and pick them up from their physical store, merging the convenience of e-commerce with the benefits of physical retail outlets.

  • (a) Click and Send
  • (b) Click and Purchase
  • (c) Click and Reserve
  • (d) Click and Collect

Answer – (d) Click and Collect

13. Which of the following is not a Java code editor ?

  • (a) MS Word
  • (b) Netbeans
  • (c) Edit+
  • (d) Notepad

Answer – (a) MS Word

14. What is not a feature of a GUI that makes learning a program easy for users?

  • (a) WYSIWYG formatting
  • (b) Dialog boxes
  • (c) Detailed key strokes and commands
  • (d) Icons

Answer – (c) Detailed key strokes and commands

15. Which property in Visual Basic determines whether a control is displayed to the user ?

  • (a) Show
  • (b) Display
  • (c) Visible
  • (d) Enabled

Answer – (c) Visible

16. _______________ audio/video refers to on-demand requests for compressed audio/video files.

  • (a) Streaming stored
  • (b) Streaming Live
  • (c) Interactive
  • (d) Mixing

Answer – (a) Streaming stored

17. A buffer is required for real-time traffic.

  • (a) recording
  • (b) playback
  • (c) sorting
  • (d) broadcasting

Answer – (b) playback

18. A ___________changes the format of a high-bandwidth video signal to a lover quality narrow-bandwidth signal.

  • (a) Sequence number
  • (b) Timestamp
  • (c) Translator
  • (d) Segment

Answer – (c) Translator

19. Test’s encryption is its

  • (a) Compression
  • (b) Expansion
  • (c) Scrambling to preserve its security
  • (d) Hashing

Answer – (c) Scrambling to preserve its security

20. One commonly used public-key cryptography method is the ___________algorithm.

  • (a) RSS
  • (b) RAS
  • (c) RSA
  • (d) RAA

Answer – (c) RSA

21. Which is not the characteristics of good algorithm ?

  • (a) Finite
  • (b) Unambiguous
  • (c) Well defined
  • (d) Unordered

Answer – (d) Unordered

22. Which of the following is a tool to diagrammatically depict the logic of a computer program ?

  • (a) Pseudocode
  • (b) Algorithm
  • (c) Flowchart
  • (d) Source Code

Answer – (c) Flowchart

23. NAT Stands for :

  • (a) Network Address Translation
  • (b) Network Address Transformation
  • (c) Network Access Translation
  • (d) Network Access Transformation

Answer – (a) Network Address Translation

24. What is the use of firewall ?

  • (a) Filters the packets that come from internet
  • (b) Filters the packets that come from internet to intranet
  • (c) Filters the packets transmitted to internet
  • (d) Ensure the packets faster traffic for fast e-commerce

Answer – (b) Filters the packets that come from internet to intranet

25. In object oriented programming, an object is an instance of :

  • (a) Class
  • (b) State
  • (c) Behavior
  • (d) Message

Answer – (a) Class

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