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Speech on National Mathematics Day – 22 December 2023

Speech on National Mathematics Day - 22 December 2023
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Speech on National Mathematics Day – 22 December 2023

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers and My Dear Friends Good Morning to All.

Every year India Celebrates National Mathematics Day on December 22 to commemorate the birth anniversary of a great Indian Mathematician Genius ‘ Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan’ for his substantial contribution to the world of the mathematics.

Who was Srinivasa Ramanujan?

Srinivasa Ramanujan was born to a Tamil Brahmin family in 1887 at Erode in Tamil Nadu. Although he did not receive a formal education in mathematics, his contributions provided in-depth analyses to solve complex mathematical problems using new concepts and ideas. Ramanujan is fondly known as ‘the man who knew infinity.

He joined Trinity College and was elected as one of the members of the London Mathematical Society. Ramanujan was also nominated as the first Indian to be one of the fellow members of Trinity College Cambridge.

Ramanujan was born on 1887 and died of the age of 37. During his short life period he independently discovered 3,900 identities and equations which proven highly unconventional results.

His popular discoveries include Ramanujan prime, Ramanujan Theta function, Partition formula and mock Theta function have inspired further research. Surprisingly, all his claims have been proven commit.

To Enhance the significance of this special day, I would like to say some quotes by the man of honour Srinivasa Ramanujan, which shows his love and passion towards maths. He said “An equation for me has no meaning, unless if expresses a thought of god.”

“To present my brain I want food and this is now my first consideration. any sympathetic flatter from you will be helpful to me to get a scholarship”.

The aim of the celebration is to raise awareness and positive attitude about Mathematics amongst people.

On this day, Students, Teachers, and mathematicians are provided training for Math and research in different areas of Maths.

The celebration of this day pays tribute to the self- taught-mathematician our legend Ramanujan and his contribution towards Maths.

Thank you to All.

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