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Speech on National Consumer Rights Day 2024

Speech on National Consumer Rights Day 2022
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Speech on National Consumer Rights Day 24 December 2024

Respected Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends. Today 24th December 2024, We gathered here to celebrate the National Consumer Rights Day 2024”

In India, 24th December is observed as “National Consumer Rights Day”. It aims at celebrating solidarity within the national consumer movement and providing better protection of consumers’ Interest. Every individual is a consumer, regardless of occupation, age, gender, community or religious association. Consumer rights are now an integral part of the life of an individual and we all have made use of them at some or the other point in our daily routine.

Importance of the Day

The National Consumer Rights day is observed, since the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted on this day.

Consumer Protection Act is considered as the Magna Carta for protecting consumer rights establishment of advisory and adjudication authorities. This year the Theme proposed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is “Fair Digital Finance”.

Consumer rights under consumer Rights Act : the rights under the consumer protection act, 1986 flow from the rights enshrined in Articles 14 to 19 of the constitution of India. The Right to Information Act (RTI), which has opened up governance processes of our country to the common public, also has far reaching implications for consumer protection. Under this act the Rights for the Consumers are: Right to Safety : To be protected against the sale of goods and services, which are spurious / hazardous to life and property.

10 Lines on National Consumer Rights Day 2024

  1. National Consumer Rights Day is Observed on 24 December Annually.
  2. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 revised the assent of the president on this day.
  3. This day also provides awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities.
  4. The day is observed to highlight the importance of the consumer movement and spread awareness about the rights and responsibilities of every consumer.
  5. In August 2019, Consumer Protection Act 2019 was passed by parliament.
  6. It came into force in July into and replaced the consumer protection act, 1986
  7. 6 Basic Rights are granted by the Consumer Protection Act namely
    • Right to Safety
    • Right to be Informed
    • Right to Choose
    • Right to Heard
    • Right to Consumer Education
    • Right to Seek redressal
  8. A consumer can be anyone who purchases good or services and pays them in return.
  9. Consumer Protection Act, 2019 includes the establishment of the Central Consumer Protection Authority to Promote, Protect and Enforce the rights of consumer.
  10. CCPA Impose penalties an manufactures / endorsers of misleading advertisements.

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