Problems / Disadvantages in Navodaya Vidyalaya

problems in Navodaya vidyalaya
Written by Chetan Darji

A Very Big Sorry to JNV Lovers!!!

I am Myself student from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. I have spent almost 7 years of my life there. Nothing is PERFECT, even you yourself can’t make you truly perfect, but always we wish for our best. 

But the problem is WE WISH….what about BURNING DESIRE, PLANNINGS and ULTIMATE GOALS.

Without any doubt, JNV provides a lot of facilities without extra charges, but various questions used to arise in my mind when I was in school and still now I haven’t got an answer for it.

1. Problem Being a Girl –

They used to care a lot for “GIRL’s SAFETY” as if we were like queens, which was Insanely TERRIBLE!! Sometimes this feeling made me and other girls too, that they much of the time used to call it “A JAIL”. We never asked for too much freedom, we never forbade to follow time rules, we all did it because we too were aware of our safety. But the brutal problem was there when since class 6th, we were asked to wear SALWAR-KURTA on Sundays instead of Jeans-Top. What was wrong there in Jeans-Top???…not top but with decent tops, with full sleeves or just like kurti….Very later a teacher told answer of this question in the same words as I am telling it to you, “BOYS CAN GET ATTRACT TOWARDS GIRLS WHEN THEY WEAR JEANS-TOP”. What an incredible thought isn’t it??? And what about boys….Oh Right…How girls can get attract towards boys, as girls don’t have heart…and girls know their limitations. So Conclusion is here: It’s like that if you can’t control culprit then you’ll ask the victim to go to jail, telling it the safest place. The Story does not end here, every day for Evening Study-hours, the girls had special dress “Maroon Salwar- Kurta”, and for boys… of course, no restriction at all, it is fine even if they come in half-pants after all their safety is in their hands.

2. A Lot of Facilities but less use –

Yeah, it happens in our daily life too, So many dustbins are there but still garbage is there on roads. So here, we were provided with a lot of facilities like many computers, Samsung Smart class but when coming to its use…there was not proper guidance at all. Since I enter in school in standard 6th till 12th, every teacher taught us about MS Word, MS PowerPoint(Not MS Excel), Oh and the one “WHAT IS COMPUTER??, WHICH ARE INPUT-OUTPUT DEVICES??”. Yes, unfortunately, it is true!! This condition was not in this area but in many areas of the school. Oh, How can I forget about SUPW!!! For the total 7 years in SUPW period, we have done only watering and Shearing of weeds…Nothing less or more than that.

3. Transportation Problem / Isolated Area –

“TREES GIVE PEACE TO THE SOULS OF HUMAN”, almost everyone knows it and everyone understands it. Yes, everyone love greenery but does it mean that you will pack your things and will go to spend the rest of the life in Forest??? Our JNV was totally in the forest, many times if someone is travelling by public transport then they will need to wait for a long time for auto and roads too were not really good. Sometimes in rainy seasons electricity supply was not there, sometimes consecutively for 3 days and it was frequent. I know the reason for building JNVs in greenery, but this is too much caring I felt. As sometimes even for little-little things we need to call our parents to come and provide the thing to us, as it JNV was almost in outside areas, it was far away from our home. And call service was truly amazing….just insane….standing in a row for a long time just to talk for 2 minutes.

4. Joint hostels –

There are no separate rooms for students. They only have a common roof but different beds.

5. Phones are not allowed – 

Students live far from their parents and system doesn’t let them possess a mobile phone and other electronic gadgets like laptops which can be used for education purpose.

6. Child labor –

I had seen some teachers engaging students in activities like bricks lifting, cutting grasses in the name of “shram-daan”.

By Ex Navodayan

Best thing in Navodaya Vidyalaya

We were caste free, we were only Navodayans. (Now too we are caste free. The Prayers from every religion, And the fests of each religion. So This was our HOME, AWAY FROM HOME. YES, Memories Are Still Alive.

So Let it be Friends I wish to Share My Views ( Chetan Darji )

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is not a only residential school. This is a big family where many genius are cultivated.

I’ve spend my 4 yrs. in this heaven & never get bored. And Day by Day Learn new thing in JNV and Structure.

Ab to dil bachchha hone ko karta h….Lagta h 6th me Navodaya Exam Crack karke admission lelu…..(Now i wanna live again my childhood and wanna take admission in 6th Class in Navodaya Heaven).

So I will always say There is no Drawbacks In Navodaya Vidyalaya

🙂 I’m proud to be #Navodayan Teacher (:

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