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Participate in NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges Summer 2022

How to Participate in NASA's Astrophoto Challenges Summer 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

In this Article we give information regarding How to Participate in NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges Summer 2022

Overview of NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges

Try your hand at processing images from NASA’s telescopes, or capture and process your own!

Welcome to the Summer 2022 Edition of NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges. For inspiration, check out the Standout Entries from the 2021 MicroObservatory Challenge and NASA Data Challenge. Submissions Due July 31.

How it works

Watch this overview video to learn how to participate in the Challenges. You might also learn a thing or two about Eta Carina & the the Carina Nebula, and how you can find these objects out in the night sky.

So you’re ready to participate?

Great! Go to the MicroObservatory Challenge page or the NASA Data Challenge page
for more detailed instructions on how to enter either challenge.

The two challenges of NASA

NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges include two challenges: the MicroObservatory Challenge and the NASA Data Challenge. Enter either challenge — or both! — and the MicroObservatory and NASA’s Universe of Learning team could select your work as a standout entry for feedback from NASA scientists!

MicroObservatory Challenge

Capture your own real-time telescope image of the Carina Nebula, and process it with MicroObservatory’s JS9‑4L tool.

Then consider how the image of the Carina Nebula that you processed compares to an image of the Carina Nebula processed by NASA.

NASA Data Challenge

Select any of NASA’s images of Eta Carina & the Carina Nebula (available here), and process them with MicroObservatory’s JS9‑4L tool.

Use all the techniques you’ve learned with MicroObservatory to process real NASA data and create your best image.

FAQ – Some Question Regarding

Who can participate?  –

Answer –


You just need an email address to receive any images you take with the MicroObservatory robotic telescopes. If you are 12 or younger, you will need to have your parent/guardian do this activity with you.

What do I do?

Find detailed instructions to participate in either challenge on the MicroObservatory Challenge page and the NASA Data Challenge page.

Are you new to MicroObservatory? Check out all the tutorials available on the Tools & Training page.

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