Now All Company Gas Bottle Booking Via WhatsApp Mobile 2020-21

gas booking with whatsapp Mobile
Written by Chetan Darji

Gas Booking Procedure changed from November 1. Delivery System is Changed. Now You can Easily order Gas bottle Through Registered WhatsApp Mobile Number.

5 Ways for Booking Gas Bottle Through WhatsApp Mobile

  • 1. Book an LPG cylinder with a gas agency or distributor
  • 2. Book LPG cylinder by calling mobile number
  • 3. Book online by visiting the website
  • 4. Bookings can also be made on the company’s Whatsapp number.
  • 5. You can also book cylinders by downloading Indane’s app.

Booking done on Whatsapp

If you are a customer of Indane, you can book gas by calling the new number 7718955555. Bookings can also be made on Whatsapp. Type REFILL on Whatsapp Messenger and send it to 7588888824. Send this message from a registered mobile number only.

Delivery Authentication Code is required

Delivery from the OTP process is called Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). Oil companies will launch DAC in the first 100 smart cities. After booking the cylinder, the code comes to the customer’s registered mobile number. Delivery will take place only after the delivery person shows the code. Delivery will not be completed and status will remain pending until this code is stated.

Update mobile number in 2 minutes

If the customer’s mobile number is not updated, the delivery person can also update it in real time through an app and generate the code. This means that at the time of delivery, you can update your mobile number through the delivery boy using this app. The mobile number will be updated on a real time basis through the app. After that there will be facility to generate code from the same number.

Giving false information will be heavy

Their gas cylinder delivery may be stopped due to misinformation. After 100 smart cities, this system will be implemented in other cities as well. This system will not work for commercial cylinders.

I Hope you like the Article and it is easy for your next gas bottle booking.

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