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Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Course (Module) 6 Quiz Answer Key 2023

Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Course (Module) 6 Quiz Answer Key 2023
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1 Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Portal Course (Module) 6 Quiz Answer Key 2023

Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Portal Course (Module) 6 Quiz Answer Key 2023

Welcome to the NISHTHA 4.0 for improving the quality of Early Childhood Care and Education in the all the ECE settings.

Purpose of the Course – Nishtha 4.0 ECCE

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview on planning for early years education in the anganwadi/ preschool centre. This course will help anganwadi workers/ teachers to develop and enhance their knowledge in ‘Planning for the Early Years’ and improve their understanding of the physical learning environment, the principles of planning for an ECCE schedule, prior planning around three developmental goals, theme based/ activity based planning, use of appropriate worksheets followed by concrete play with materials, use of toys and play materials and in-built developmentally appropriate assessment.


At the end of the course, learners are expected to take up an objective assessment quiz. Learners who acquire 70% in the final assessment will receive an online ‘Certificate of Participation’ in the DIKSHA portal.

Let’s Start Answer Key for Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Course 6 (Module 6)

Nishtha_ECCE_Course6_Eng_Birth to 3 year Early Intervention for special Need

1. The full form of ECCE is :

Answer – Early Childhood Care and Education

2. First 1000 days refers to :

Answer – Days from conception of the mother to 2 years of the child

3. According to NEP 2020 ECCE benefits

Answer – All children from ages 0-3 years

4. ECCE is essential for :

Answer – All children

5. The following is a Red Flag for 12 months to 24 months :

Answer – Does not use two – word sentences by 2 years

6. If a child is unable to have head control and has difficulty in grasping, clapping and reaching out to objects then the child might have :

Answer – Cerebral Palsy

7. UDL stands for :

Answer – Universal Design for Learning

8. If a 6 months old baby raises her/his arms to be picked up by parents, the developmental domain does it represent is :

Answer – Socio – emotional domain

9. An early sign of Specific Learning Disability is :

Answer – Delayed language and speech

10. An accessible Teaching Learning Material is one, which :

Answer – Promotes participation of All learners

11. Delay in development means :

Answer – Child has not gained the developmental skills compared to others of the same age

12. The following skills is related to socio-emotional domain :

Answer – Expressing feelings

13. In the first 3 to 5 years, the child’s brain development is :

Answer – 85%

14. The following is not a responsibility of a preschool teachers :

Answer – To assist in delivery of the child.

15. Early identification is to :

Answer – Find out the disability as early as possible

16. Deaf – Blindness means :

Answer – A child who cannot hear and see

17. The following is not a prime stakeholder in ECCE :

Answer – Lawyers

18. The third D in 3D’s of development stands for :

Answer – Disability

19. The following statements is true

Answer – Development varies from child to child

20. The approach that should be practiced in a child friendly classroom across the foundational stage is :

Answer – Play – way, toy based, child centred approach

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