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Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Course (Module) 5 Quiz Answer Key 2023

Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Course (Module) 5 Quiz Answer Key
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1 Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Portal Course (Module) 5 Quiz Answer Key 2023
1.3 Let’s Start Answer Key for Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Course 5 (Module 5)

Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Diksha Portal Course (Module) 5 Quiz Answer Key 2023

Welcome to the NISHTHA 4.0 for improving the quality of Early Childhood Care and Education in the all the ECE settings.

Purpose of the Course – Nishtha 4.0 ECCE

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview on planning for early years education in the anganwadi/ preschool centre. This course will help anganwadi workers/ teachers to develop and enhance their knowledge in ‘Planning for the Early Years’ and improve their understanding of the physical learning environment, the principles of planning for an ECCE schedule, prior planning around three developmental goals, theme based/ activity based planning, use of appropriate worksheets followed by concrete play with materials, use of toys and play materials and in-built developmentally appropriate assessment.


At the end of the course, learners are expected to take up an objective assessment quiz. Learners who acquire 70% in the final assessment will receive an online ‘Certificate of Participation’ in the DIKSHA portal.

Let’s Start Answer Key for Nishtha 4.0 ECCE Course 5 (Module 5)

Nishtha_ECCE_Course5_Eng_School Readiness B1

1. ____________ is not a key constituent of school readiness.

Answer – Readiness in communities

2. Children’s socio-emotional development is the foundation for their ____________

Answer – cognitive development

3. The period considered as the “Critical periodof life is _________

Answer – 0-6 years

4. The medium of instructions during the foundational stage, as far as possible should be __________

Answer – the mother tongue

5. Children get ready to learn ____________

Answer – At birth

6. ______________ is not a numeracy skill.

Answer – Phonemic awareness

7. Children learn to read mechanically through simple decoding, but without much comprehension if their __ is not ensured

Answer – oral language base

8. Children who show poor readiness are likely to have _______________

Answer – low school achievement

9. The domain which includes children’s problem solving skills, socio-conventional knowledge, and logico mathematical abilities is _________

Answer – cognitive

10. The concept of school readiness expects children to be able to _________

Answer – be active, communicative and creative

11. Early childhood is a critical period of development for learning social and emotional skills, also known as ___________

Answer – mental health

12. _______________ is not a component of language development.

Answer – Representational thought

13. Over 90% of a child’s cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of

Answer – 6

14. The stimulating learning environment at home can be created by providing ____________

Answer – magazines, story books, toys, manipulatives and rich interaction

15. The main reason for divide between parents expectations and their actual support for the education of children is ____________

Answer – Parents and teachers are not properly oriented on the development of meaningful partnerships

16. The foundations for reading and writing is

Answer – good oral language

17. The following is not a key skill for language learning ___________

Answer – Data handling

18. A not so beneficial way to involve parents and community members in the preschool programme is by ________

Answer – writing letters and mails only.

19. A record of students growth over a period of time is known as _______

Answer – portfolio

20. NEP 2020 stated that we are in a ‘learning crisis’ as a large proportion of children are

Answer – not able to read and write as per their grade levels

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