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Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 12 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

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October Module – 12 NISHTHASEC_12 Toy Based Pedagogy

This course focuses on major initiatives undertaken by the Department of School Education and Literacy, MoE for the quality improvement of school and teacher education. It covers major objectives and components of Samagra Shiksha, best practices in States and UTs and new approaches in Mid-Day Meal.

Here is the Providing Information Regarding the Latest Answer Key Module – 12 NISHTHASEC_12. Toy Based Pedagogy

Nishtha 2.0 Diksha Portal Module 12 Quiz 2021 Answer Key

1. Dolls and stuffed animal toys can be used for teaching and learning;

Answer:- In all the subjects

2. How does integrating toy pedagogy benefits students in the learning process?

Answer :- Helps recognize new skills

3. What are the possible uses of the toys created and used in the classroom?

Answer:- Create a toy bank for easy access and future use

4. ‘Toy pedagogy promotes an interdisciplinary approach’:

Answer:- Yes, it always does

5. The use of toys and games is not an efficient tool in developing the following skills;

Answer :- Reading

6. Does toy pedagogy promotes exposure to traditional toys only?

Answer :- It promotes all types of toys

7. Which of the following is a traditional Indian Toy ?

Answer :- Magic Cards

8. Which of the following is essential for implementing Toy Pedagogy?

Answer :- Capacity building of teachers on Toy Pedagogy

9. While engaging with toys, the learner doesn’t go through:

Answer:- Rote learning

10. Which of the following is not an Indigenous Toys/Games?

Answer :- Digital Mazes

11. Toy Pedagogy can be used by :

Answer:- Every teacher

12. Which of the following does not come under Toy Pedagogy?

Answer:- Vocal Music

13. Which of the following is false about ‘Traditional Indian toys and games’?

Answer :- Toys are created by scientists only

14. Toy padagogy should be promoted in the classroom because it;

Answer:- Fulfills pedagogical needs of competency-based learning

15. What is Toy Based Pedagogy?

Answer :- Learning ‘through toys and games’

16. Toy Pedagogy can be effective in teaching and learning of;

Answer :- All subjects

17. What of the following material was used to make toys during the ancient period?

Answer :- Wood

18. Which of the following is not a basic principle of toy Pedagogy?

Answer :- Learning is teacher-centric

19. Which of the following does not come under toy Pedagogy?

Answer :- Writing Poetry

20. ‘The inclusion of indigenous toys and games in the teaching-learning process can help students connect with their cultural roots.’

Answer :- Yes, always

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