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Kendriya Vidyalaya Competitive Entrance (KVS) Exam Tips 2022

Kendriya Vidyalaya Competitive Entrance (KVS) Exam Tips 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

KVS Entrance Exam Tips for All Exam (PGT,TGT,PRT)

Strategy for Pass Exam

  1. Divide your day into time slots, giving appropriate time to each and every subject as per your capabilities.
  2. I’d suggest you to devote much time to child pedagogy as this is the part which needs adequate preparation and can’t be solved just by previous knowledge, as you can do sometimes with Hindi and English.
  3. As time is 30 days, read some good gk book ( Lucent) from day 1. It’ll prove best for preparing static gk.
  4. For preparing current affairs, go for youtube videos so that you can cover a a large amount of syllabus in considerably less time. Refer to some good youtube channels, they have really good content. One such channel which helped me is Study IQ education. It has proven to be very helpful for enhancing my GK.
  5. For pedagogy, you can go for books by Upkar or Arihant publications.
  6. In last 10 days, go for mock tests. 1 mock per day. It’ll help you analyze your preparation and will tell you what are the places you need to work upon.
  7. Don’t stress about interview. For these 30 days only concentrate on your theory part. You’ll get enough time after exam for interview preparation.
  8. Don’t take burden of things that you’re unable to grasp. Do what you can easily do and leave the rest. Coz it’s not about completing the syllabus, it’s about doing the things efficiently.

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