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How to Utilize Conversion Tracking on Facebook?

How to Utilize Conversion Tracking on Facebook
Written by Chetan Darji

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How to Utilize Conversion Tracking on Facebook ?

So you’ve launched a Facebook ad campaign and you want to know about the ad’s performance. Conversion tracking can help you a lot in this regard.

Conversion tracking is one of the easiest ways to measure the success of your Facebook ads. It is used to assess the effectiveness of your Facebook advertisement or the responses from users to it. Want to run Ads on Twitch? Try StreamOZ to grow your Twitch account and generate more review. Try StreamOZ to bring more viewers for Twitch account.  As a consequence, you can identify the specific area that needs extra effort. The effective use of conversion tracking can enhance your marketing strategy and ensure business success. Let’s learn how to utilise conversion tracking on Facebook.

What is Conversion Tracking?

 Conversions are any significant actions that visitors conduct. It has a huge impact on your website or page.

Conversion Tracking is a monitoring tool that lets you know what happens after someone interacts with your advertisements.  It tracks any significant actions that visitors take in response to your advertisements. For instance, A customer making a purchase from your business, making a phone call, or submitting a contact form. You can obtain relevant information about your ad campaign with the use of conversion tracking. Conversion monitoring is an efficient approach to measuring ad success.

Why Should You Use Conversion Tracking?

While tracking conversions, you can analyse which advertisements, ad groups, and campaigns are generating conversions. Conversion tracking shows the effectiveness of your ad campaign strategically. You will also be able to calculate your return on investment, which will assist in determining the necessary steps for your upcoming advertising campaign. You must evaluate the performance of the advertisement when running a campaign.

Your sales will be impacted if the campaign doesn’t result in sufficient conversions. So, it is obvious to determine how well an ad is performing. The greatest option for you is Facebook Conversion Tracking. It compiles every piece of data regarding the relevant actions taken by your audience. The results of conversion tracking will also affect your future planning. It will be easier for you to decide where to put more effort after you’ve reviewed the conversion tracking results.

As an example, let’s say that you launched an advertising campaign for five or six products. Two of the items gain additional engagements after that. You received numerous product order requests. What will come to your mind?   You will be able to understand which product receives the most engagement. You might offer them higher priority in your upcoming advertisements. It’s time to learn the proper way to utilise conversion tracking effectively.

How to Utilise Conversion Tracking on Facebook?

Conversions are the main priority for any marketer and advertiser. But do you know how to utilise Facebook conversion tracking appropriately? Before starting, know how to use it properly to get better results.

 1. Set your conversion event goals

Before you begin, you should be clear on the course of action you want people to take after seeing your advertisement.  If you have alternative objectives, you can create custom conversion events.

 2. Provide attractive visuals

 An audience can choose where to visit a webpage within only a few seconds. Eye-catching ads increase the probability that people will view your ad. Visitors can hardly ignore ads with appealing designs or visuals.

 3. Grow your audience

 It’s important to figure out your target market before developing an advertisement. You can select alternatives based on your goals. You can also design a custom audience. You have several ways to select your audience based on their gender, age, and geographic location. To find existing clients on Facebook, you can submit your email subscriber list.

 4. Avoid using jargon or difficult words

The message of your advertisements should be clear and simple. Avoid using jargon so that the viewers can understand the advertising message. Limit the text’s length. The audience can get bored with a long description.

5. Choose the appropriate ad format

 Depending on your objectives, you must select the right format for your advertisements. For instance, including a video for your product can increase conversions. If you are running an ad for an outfit or clothes, uploading videos can generate maximum conversions.  If you promote a variety of goods, carousel advertisements are another useful format for publishing your ads. The marketer can use Facebook Canvas to create visually stunning ads.

 How to Set Up Conversion Tracking on Facebook?

Using conversion tracking, you can see how many people are reacting or interacting with your Facebook ad.  This information allows you to determine whether or not your Facebook ads are effective. 

  •  At first, you’ll need a running or recently completed ad campaign, ad set, or ad.
  • Now you just need to create a conversion tracking pixel.
  • Add the tracking pixel to your website.
  •  After the installation of the code, Facebook will measure the conversions of your Facebook ads.
  • Use the “Conversion Reports” section to learn about your Facebook Ad performance.

Benefits and Limitations of Conversion Tracking

1.       By analysing conversion tracking, you may find out how many potential clients are engaged in your products or services. You can choose them as your target audience for upcoming events.

2.     Using conversion tracking, you will be informed of which campaigns are leading to more audience interaction. With this knowledge, you can choose which sector demands your marketing efforts.

3.     With conversion tracking, you can identify which of your products are sufficiently appealing to and well-liked by clients. Afterward, you can reintroduce that product back into your company.

4.     Conversion tracking can be used to measure relevant conversion data.  Each marketing campaign’s performance can be measured using conversion tracking.

Limitations of Conversion Tracking

Nothing in the world is completely flawless. Conversion tracking also has some limitations. Most of the time, people start and end their engagement with Facebook ads using several devices. The conversion tracking tool won’t be able to link two activities if someone clicks on your advertisement on one device and completes the conversion on another. You also won’t be able to track your customer if they erase their cookies or set their browser to block them.


Conversion tracking is an important task for ad publishers.  In addition to measuring conversions, it offers a wide range of features. You can discover how your clients interact with your company and take action. Conversion tracking makes it very simple to track the number of subscriptions, shares, and engagements. Also, marketers have the opportunity to remarket and optimise their advertisements. It has consequently become a well-known name among business marketers.

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