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How to Submission of applications for fresh Affiliation under various categories for the session 2023-24 in SARAS

How to Submission of applications for fresh Affiliation under various categories for the session 2023-24 in SARAS
Written by Chetan Darji

The Board has implemented the School Affiliation Re-Engineered Automation System (SARAS) which is fully automated. This affiliation process was implemented w.e.f. 16/03/2021 for the session 2022-23 and relies on self-certification from school. It was seen that a few schools are submitting incomplete / invalid documents, due to which the process gets delayed which defeats the purpose of automated system. Thus certain modifications have been made for processing the applications from the session 2023-24.

The school seeking fresh affiliation shall proceed to apply by filling the details at KYC level (First Stage) followed by uploading of mandatory documents in Part- A.

  • No Objection Certificate
  • Recognition Certificate
  • Land Certificate
  • Building Safety Certificate
  • Fire Safety Certificate and
  • Society/Trust/Company Registration

Note : –

  • All data filled by the school should be exactly the same and match with all the mandatory documents.
  • The school shall use Scanners to scan the documents to upload and refrain from using Mobile Phones.

The school shall fill the necessary details and upload the above documents and make payment of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only). Thereafter, there will be a scrutiny of mandatory documents by the Board, and only if the mandatory documents meet the norms, the application will be considered valid and taken up for further processing. In case of application whose mandatory documents are found correct, school will be informed (on progress panel/ sms) to proceed for filling up Part B and other details make final payment of balance fees. The inspection team will be constituted immediately and within a month the school should be ready for inspection.

The scrutiny at the first level will be done by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and if the score obtained is more than the cut off value, no manual scrutiny will be done. In other cases, there will be manual scrutiny restricted to submission of mandatory documents which will be completed within 15 working days from the date of submission of the application.

In case of non-submission of valid mandatory documents at KYC level and Part A, the application shall be considered incomplete and shall not be taken up for any further review. The exact nature of deficiency will be informed through Progress panel (school login) / SMS. Thereafter, the schools will have to apply afresh and initial payment shall be forfeited.

The applications for the session 2023-24 shall be invited as per the following timeline and the schedule as given below:-

Fresh Affiliation in 2022-23

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