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How to Solve problem of Low Value Content AdSense 2022

How to Solve problem of Low Value Content AdSense 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

What is Low Value Content ?

What is Low value Content

Low Value Content is anything you written on your Blog or website is not Qualifying the Google Quality Factors.

What are the Google Quality Factors

  1. Accuracy:- As you entered information and facts are true.
  2. Engagement:- Are people finding and interacting with your content?
  3. Satisfaction:- Are users satisfied with your content or information?
  4. Uniqueness:- Is your Content is Unique
  5. Performance:- Your Website Speed – Quickly Loading
  6. External Linking:- Quality links are contented to your content.
  7. Internal Linking:- Your content is connected to each other. like relevant links are connected or paste in article.
  8. Inbound Links:- Other Quality websites links back to your content?

How to Identify Low Value Content

  1. Bounce Rate(you can check through Google analytics)
  2. Slow Load Time(Speed of your website)
  3. Broken Links – Deleted Articles or Wrong Links
  4. If you are published article and change that URL after the Publishing.

Low Value Content

low value content How to Identify in 2022

Content Length

If you are writing article then you have to Write content length 400 Word up.

Duplicate Content

Don’t Copy Other Contents

Old content

Old Content like Scheme which are closed like jobs and vacancies.

Some Tips for You to Improve Low Value Content

  1. Write Article Minimum 500 words Post
  2. Combine Competition Content (Some Line 10 tips either 14 Tips)
  3. Write Regular (Updates)
  4. Delete Useless Content
  5. Neat and Clean Blog
  6. Step by Step Introduction of your article
  7. Paragraphs minimum 100 Words
  8. Use Bullets and numbering Points
  9. Upload Relevant Images and content
  10. Add Internal and external Links

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