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How to Register / Participate in Shikshak Parv (2022-23)

How to Register Participate in and What is Shikshak Parv (2022-23)
Written by Chetan Darji

The Ministry of Education, Govt. of India celebrates Shikshak Parv every year during the month of September starting with the celebration of Teachers Day on 5th September. This year, Shikshak Parv is to be celebrated from 5th September onwards for the complete month of September. Following activities are to be undertaken during the Shikshak Parv:

  1. Demonstration followed by Interaction on ‘Innovative Pedagogy’ for teachers in every School for one hour on any day between 6th to 30th September 2022: The demonstration session should be based on teaching a selected topic of a selected subject of any grade in an innovative, joyful and engaging manner. The schools are requested to take 4-5 photographs of the session and upload with a brief write up (not more than 500 words) on the Vidya Amrit Portal i.e.
  2. Senior Students may act as Teachers on 05.09.2022
    • a. In every school, some senior students from within the school can be selected by the teachers, to become teachers for the rest of the classes on Teachers’ Day. Engagement of classes can cover all the curricular areas including arts, physical education, etc.
    • b. An orientation programme may be conducted by some of the teachers for these senior students on ‘how to engage children for learning in a joyful manner’. Every selected student must get at least one period to teach. Effort should be made to provide opportunities to as many students as possible.
    • c. The student teachers who receive the best feedback from the children in the classrooms can also be given a certificate of recognition by the school. Feedback may be taken on the student’s performance by the regular teachers on the next day.
    • d. Teachers may be encouraged to take selfies with the student representatives (as teacher on Teachers Day) and post on Social media with hashtag
  3. Uploading of Videos on Innovative Pedagogy by the Teachers on Vidya Amrit Portal (15.09.2022 to 31.10.2022)
    • a. School Teachers may be requested to upload their videos on innovative pedagogy on the Vidya Amrit Portal. Rating (in the form of stars) will be provided by the viewers on these videos.
    • b. Guidelines on the Video and its uploading

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