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How to Participate in National Yoga Olympiad, Syllabus, Prize 2022

How to Participate in National Yoga Olympiad, Syllabus, Prize 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

What is National Yoga Olympiad ?

The aim of all education, undoubtedly, is the attainment of human excellence and perfection, not just in any field of knowledge or activity, but life in totality. Which means nurturing of the qualities of head and heart in a way congenial to the growth and development of oneself and others around him?

ln practical Iife, this has to be translated as qualities of truthfulness, righteous living, purity in personal life, self-confidence, integration of body, mind and intellect, love and compassion towards all living beings. Practicing Yoga in the true sense will support this. The National Education Policy 2020 has focused on Yoga as an important contribution of our rich heritage.

Yoga is not only a process for leading towards astounding hidden personality of human being by bringing mastery over the body, mind, intellect and emotional faculties, but also a powerful tool to manifest those hidden potential powers in self. Yoga is an art of living, it improves quality of life, a healthy life with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and leads to overall holistic development of body and mind.

Swami Vivekananda once said “Yoga hos o complete message for humanity, Yoga is a culture of the future, so it was in the post and in the present.” intensive intersect oral coordination and collaboration is indispensable for revival of Yoga in the right spirit and the way that was expressed by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji “lt is our responsibility to ensure thot the right spirit of yoga is conveyed to everyone.” lt is needed that we collaborate and work together so that concerns, views, ideas and experiences are exchanged.

Importance of Yoga

The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit root yuj which means ‘join’ or ‘unite’.

This may be taken as the union of body, mind and soul, and is used in the literature both as an end as well as means. As an end, yoga signifies ‘integration of personality’ at the highest level.

As means, yoga includes various practices and techniques which are employed to achieve the development of such integration. These practices and techniques are means in the yogic literature and are also referred collectively as ‘Yoga’.

Theme of National Yoga Olympiad

The aim of yoga thus, is to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle for physical, mental and emotional health of children. Yoga helps in the development of strength, stamina, endurance and high energy at physical level.

lt also empowers oneself with increased concentration, calm, peace and contentment at mental level leading to inner and outer harmony, therefore Yoga Olympiad has been planned.

The theme for the Yoga Olympiad will be Yoga for Health and Harmony.

Objectives Of National Yoga Olympiad

  • To develop an understanding of yogic practices and apply this understanding accordingly in one’s life and living.
  • To develop a healthy habit and lifestyle in children.
  • To develop humane values in children.
  • To develop physical, emotional and mental health through yogic activities.
  • To develop harmony with the nature and universe.

Yogic Practices to be covered in Olympiad

The Following dimensions of Yoga are embedded into ‘Yoga Olympiad’

  1. Kriya (Cleansing Process)
  2. Asanas
  3. Pranayama
  4. Dhyana (Meditation) (Not for evaluation)
  5. Bandha and Mudra (Only for Secondary level)

Syllabus of National Yoga Olympiad

NCERT has developed a syllabus for Class VI to VIII (Upper Primary Stage, presently Middle Stage as per NEP 2020) and Class IX & X(Secondary Stage).

Who Can Participate ?

All government, government-aided schools are eligible to participate.

Target Group

  1. Upper Primary Stage – 10 to 14 years Boys and Girls
  2. Secondary Stage – 14 to 16 years Boys and Girls

Level of Organization of Yoga Olympiad

  • Block Level – : This is the first level of Yoga Olympiad where all schools con send their entries.
  • District level – This is the Second level of Yoga Olympiad where only the Block level winners will participate / send their entries.
  • State/UT level :- This is the Third level of Yoga Olympiad where only selected winners from district level will participate.
  • National level – This is the final and culminating level of Yoga Olympiad where the best of State / UT entries will showcase their performance. States and Union Territories shall select the best teams for participating at the national level. At this stage, best 4 girls and best 4 boys of Upper Primary and best 4 girls and best 4 boys of secondary will participate (1, 2, 3 position winners as main participants and 4 position winner as Substitute / Extra).
  • ln all 16 students from each State/UT IKVS /NVS will participate in this Olympiad

Language of National Yoga Olympiad

Local languages may be used at School / Block / District / State/UT level.

However Hindi or English will be the medium of instruction or expression at the national level.

Awards at the Yoga Olympiad

Block / School Level

  • First Prize – Merit Certificate
  • Second Prize – Merit Certificate
  • Third Prize – Merit Certificate
  • All other participants – Certificate of Participation.

District level

  • First Prize – Merit Certificate
  • Second Prize – Merit Certificate
  • Third Prize – Merit Certificate
  • All other participants – Certificate of Participation.

State/UT level

  • First Prize – Merit Certificate with memento
  • Second Prize – Merit Certificate with memento
  • Third Prize – Merit Certificate with memento
  • All other participants – Certificate of Participation.

National level

  • First Prize – Gold Medal (Plated) with Certificate
  • Second Prize – Silver Medal (Plated) with Certificate
  • Third Prize – Bronze Medal (Plated) with Certificate
  • All other participants – Certificate of Participation.

Time Schedule of the National Level Olympiad

Block/ School Levelto be completed by 20th April 2022
District levelto be completed by 10th May 2022
State/UT levelto be completed by 15th May 2022
National level18th / 20th June 2022 by NCERT

Criteria for Assessment

Assessment of participants will be done by a jury Assessment Criteria

Evolution for Upper Primary Stage

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Evolution of Asana

Reports of Toga Olympiad” to be sent to NCERT

A formal report of the State/UT, Organization level Yoga Olympiad should reach NCERT within one month after the conclusion of the State/UT, Organization level Yoga Olympiad.
It should include the following:

  • Dates and venue of Yoga Olympiad.
  • Proformas duly filled up.
  • List of schools participating and the number of students/teachers participation B as per the proforma attached. Break-up of the male and female participants should also be given. lt should also reflect on the number of rural and urban schools that participated in the Yoga Olympiad at State/UT, Organization level.
  • List of participants at the State/UT, Organization level.
  • Highlights of tn’6 Yoga Olympiad including other activities and participation of other organizations.

Download Official Notification of National Yoga Olympiad

ContentDownload Link
National Yoga Olympiad 2022Click Here to Download

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