How is the Navodaya Vidyalaya different from Normal Schools 2024

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How is the Navodaya Vidyalaya different from Normal Schools 2024

Let start with basics.

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  1. Navodaya Vidyalaya are mainly introduced for Rural / Poor Population of India, who can not afford the high fee of convent/international schools.
  2. Navodaya Vidyalaya is there in every district of India (except Tamilnadu) And they have a entrance exam in class 5th, 8th, 11th (to get admission in 6th, 9th class, 11th Class respectively).
  3. Best 80 students get chance to enroll themselves in this school, every year. And most of them are facing their first competitive IQ exam of life.
  4. In some of the districts this is the only CBSE school available (Quality Education). At least at my time in 2008. I heard this CBSE word for the first time.

Now, look at the another part of it.

  1. These schools are directly run by MHRD Now Ministry of Education  and not any state body. You’re a part of central government now.
  2. You won’t get local school teachers there, but you get highly qualified teachers from different regions of the country.
  3. Navodaya is giving you all 24 hours x 7 years of it, so are you. You live there all the way long, so your teachers with you, within same campus. (Of course you get holidays).
    (But think it in that way, living at a different place, with different kind of people, at such a early stage of life!! Damn, early age preparation for the life. Cool)
  4. Fact : In the cost of one Navodaya School, around 100–120 normal school can be open. Because you’re getting a 7 year long scholarship here. Not just the study part, but the living too. Uniform, shoes, books, notebooks. (even toothpaste, tooth brush, soap etc. Yep I’m serious -_- ).

Few other things.

  1. Three language system : You will be learning one more Indian regional language here, other than Hindi & English. And on the basis of your interest you will get a chance (9th class) to go that place of country for study. That we called is migration.
  2. Sports : You’re here 24×7 in the school premises. One can easily nurture his/her dreams of sports accordingly to the interests. Many of the students has played School Games Federation of India level.
sports area navodaya
  1. Science exhibition : Annual Science Congress is organized annually in collaboration with research institute at regional level.
  2. Food : Students will decide what should be in the food menu of the month (food taste may can’t meet your expectations). But don’t worry, your teachers will have the same food with you, so tolerable.

Over and all, it gives you long life memories and life long friends. Because being familiar with other people at a early state of life is very rare for one. Once you be a friend with someone, it’s not for those 7 years, it is for lifetime.

The trickiest point is that to choose your friend circle, wisely. And that! that thing you learn by own.

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