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English Writing Skills Interview Questions HSC Maharashtra Board 2023

English Writing Skills Interview Questions HSC Maharashtra Board 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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English Writing Skills Interview Questions HSC Class 12th Maharashtra Board 2023

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You should 6 things to keep in Mind

  1. Smooth flow of questions and answers should be ensured
  2. Questions to be logical and realistic
  3. Imagine the person sitting in front of you.
  4. “?” at the end is must. Otherwise even if she sentence is correct, you won’t get marks
  5. Frame 10 questions. (Don’t write answers)
  6. Greeting (welcome and goodbye) should be included.

(4 Marks Distribution)

  1. 2 Marks – Questions framing
  2. 1 Mark – Format
  3. 1 Mark – Language & Grammar


  1. Introduction:- Introduction of person, Greeting, welcome, thanks for coming and taking out time, asking to proceed (shall we proceed?)
  2. Frame Minimum 10 Questions
  3. Conclusion: – Thanks for giving your precious time, all the best for future.

Interview Question – Writing skills

Good Evening sir/madam!

A many congratulation for your success! Heartiest and warm welcome Sir/Madam/Name! It is the greatest pleasure honour to have such a great guest like you today! we are very much eager to listen to you and your life.

Shall we proceed?

  1. Firstly How are you feeling after achieving the massive success ?
  2. Who inspired the most in your life?
  3. Who is you role model?
  4. What are your strengths as well as your weaknesses?
  5. How did you face challenges and difficulties in your life?
  6. How did you handle anxiety and low points in your life?
  7. Whom would you like to thank and why?
  8. What you do in your free time?
  9. What was your study/Schedule?
  10. Any tips and tricks you want to share with juniors?
  11. How much support you receive from your friend in the journey?
  12. What contributions have you made till now to society?
  13. When did you decide to become actor/musician/social worker/doctor?
  14. Lastly, what inspirational messages you want to give to the upcoming actor/musician/juniors?

Thank you so much Sir/Madam for giving your precious and valuable time. We are glad to hear your awesome experiences. We wish you all the very best for your future. We hope to see again. Good bye!

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