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Artificial Intelligence Class 8 Annual Exam Model and Sample Paper 2023-24

Artificial Intelligence Class 8 Annual Exam Model and Sample Paper 2023-24
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of Artificial Intelligence Class 8 Annual Exam Model and Sample Paper 2023-24

Artificial Intelligence Class 8 Annual Exam Model and Sample Paper 2023-24

Annual Examination 2023-23 Subject – Artificial Intelligence Class – VIII (8th) Time – 2:30 hours

Important Instructions :

  1. Question Paper consists of 36 questions in two sections : Section A & Section B
  2. Section A Part 1 has objective type, and Part 2 True & False questions whereas Section B Part A & B contains Subejctive type questions.
  3. SECTION A – Objective Type Questions & True – False based Questions (20 Marks)
  4. SECTION B – Part A & B Subjective Type Questions (40 Marks)


Part – 1 Objective Type Questions (1×10=10 Marks)

You have been given a set of 10 MCQs. Each question has four options. Choose the best options.

1. Which of the following is true ?

  • (a) Artificial Intelligent Systems involve software only.
  • (b) Artificial Intelligent Systems involve hardware only.
  • (c) Artificial Intelligent Systems involve softaware and hardware. (Correct Answer)
  • (d) Artificial Intelligent Systems involve neither softaware nor hardware

2. which of the following types of tasks are comparatively easy for artificial intelligent systems? (i) Common Taks (ii) Expert Tasks

  • (a) (i) are easier
  • (b) (ii) are easier
  • (c) Both (i) and (ii) are equally easy (Correct Answer)
  • (d) Both (i) and (ii) are equally difficult

3. Which of the following artificial intelligence systems will surpass human capabilities?

  • (a) Artificial Board Intelligence Systems
  • (b) Human Intelligence based Artificial systems
  • (c) Super Computing Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • (d) Artificial Super Intelligence (Correct Answer)

4. What is the name of Google’s AI – based messaging service ?

  • (a) Allo (Correct Answer)
  • (b) Helo
  • (c) Orkut
  • (d) Facebook

5. In which of the following products does the AI play multi – game matches with humans ?

  • (a) Alexa
  • (b) AlphaGo (Correct Answer)
  • (c) Allo
  • (d) AI Now

6. In most of the cases, AI adds Intelligence to the existing products. This is known as

  • (a) AI Automation
  • (b) Al Augmentation (Correct Answer)
  • (c) AI Adaption
  • (d) AI Acquisition

7. What do we call the AI capability of self-programming by learning from the data fed to it?

  • (a) AI Programming
  • (b) Al Adaptation (Correct Answer)
  • (c) AI Augmentation
  • (d) AI Development

8. Who among the following coined the term “Artificial Intelligent”?

  • (a) Alan turing
  • (b) John McCarthy (Correct Answer)
  • (c) Bill Gates
  • (d) Steve Jobs

9. Which of the following countries was the first to start work on Fifth Generation Computer (FGCS)?

  • (a) USA
  • (b) UK
  • (c) Japan (Correct Answer)
  • (d) France

10. With the help of computers understand the common language used by the humans.

  • (a) Neural Language Processing
  • (b) Common Language Processing
  • (c) Natural Language Processing (Correct Answer)
  • (d) Human Language Processing

Part – 2 True & False Questions (1×10=10 Marks)

State T for True and F for False Statements (1×10 =10 marks)

  1. Amazon and Walmart use AI technology to understand their customers better. – True
  2. AI technology doesn’t have any risks. – False
  3. Smart buildings and smart cities help in sustainable development. – True
  4. The latest phase of smart cities involves replacement of government servants with Ais – True
  5. Smart cities can lead to better disaster management and responses. – True
  6. Smart buildings do not need a number of interconnected devices. – False
  7. Smart buildings in existence today are only partly smart. – True
  8. Smart buildings can inform the manufactures when something needs to be replaced or upgraded. – True
  9. Smart cities connect individuals with communities – False
  10. The development of self – driving vehicles will help in reducing accidents and traffic jams. – True


Part A – Short Type Questions (2×8 = 16 Marks)

  1. Define the term AI and AI Ethics?
  2. What are the different possible types of AI that you use in your daily life.
  3. Draw a layout of a dream smart house.
  4. Draw a Venn diagram representing the relationship between the 3 domains of AI?
  5. Write down 4 limitations of AI
  6. Enlist any 4 smart products that can contribute towards the achievement of SDGs?
  7. Differentiate between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.
  8. Name all the different modules of AI curriculum learnt in class 8?

Part B – Descriptive Type Questions (3×8 = 24 Marks)

  1. List the contribution of AI in various fields.
  2. Explain various AI related devices used in day-to-day life.
  3. Explain any six sustainable development goals in detail.
  4. Explain the different phases of development of AI?
  5. List out and explain different skill sets required for AI jobs?
  6. Explain different types of AI careers?
  7. Explain various ethical concerns related to adaption of AI?
  8. Explain the learning outcomes of Artificial Intelligence curriculum of Class 8?

Best of Luck.

Thanks to Beloved Readers.

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