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Daily School Assembly News Headlines, Speech, GK for 05 November 2022

Daily School Assembly News Headlines, Speech, GK for 05 November 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

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Daily School Assembly News Headlines – 05 November 2022

We are giving information News of National News, International News, Sports News, Business News and science & Technology News.

National News Headlines – 05 November 2022 (Saturday)

  1. Twitter Started Sacking India Employees, All in Marketing Fired : Sources
  2. “Lay – off Has started”: Twitter India Employee after Email Notification
  3. UP Government Approved 3 Main Routes to Ayodhya Temple Site
  4. One Lakh Jobs, Pension Scheme, Financial Aid for Women : Congress’s Poll Pitch In Himachal
  5. Ahead of India’s Missile Test, China Sent a ship to spy on it
  6. Punjab Official Wen to Village to Inspect Stubble Burning, Held Hostage
  7. A 132 – year – old tunnel was discovered at the government – run JJ hospital in Mumbai, an official said.
  8. Senior Civic official Suspended after Gujarat Bridge Tragedy
  9. Delhi Civic Body Polls (MCD) will be held on December 4, and the results will be announced on December 7
  10. Python Claimed by Locals to be Bigger Than Anaconda Worshipped In Madhya Pradesh
  11. Take Urgent Measures : Delhi Lt Governor VK Saxena to Punjab On Stubble Burning
  12. Chief Secretaries of Delhi, 3 States Summoned over Air Pollution.
  13. “Hindi is my Comfort Language” : International Booker Winner Geetanjali Shree
  14. Haryana’s Adampur Recorded Over 76% Voter turnout During By – Election
  15. Supreme Court to Hear Petition on Air Pollution, Stubble Burning on November 10
  16. Morbi Civic Chief suspended days after Gujarat Bridge Collapse Tragedy

International World News Headlines – 05 November 2022

  1. G7 Nations want Russia to Extend Ukraine grain Deal : US official
  2. Rumeysa Gelgi, who holds the Guinness World record as the tallest living woman, has flown on a plane for the first time.
  3. Imran Khan is “Stable and Doing Fine” After being shot in Leg : Doctor
  4. China will continue to open up, Cooperate with All Countries : XI Jinping
  5. China May soon cut Covid Quarantine for Inbound Travelers : Report
  6. 23 Tonne Uncontrolled Chinese rocket Debris Fall in the Pacific
  7. Vladimir Putin asked Civilians in Ukraine’s Kherson to Leave City
  8. World on Edge of “Delicate Precipice” : Pope Francis In Bahrain
  9. Chinese Rocket Booster Heading for Uncontrolled fall back to Earth

Sports News Headlines – 05 November 2022

  1. T20 World Cup, Australia vs Afghanistan : Glenn Maxwell Keeps defending Champions Alive in Hunt for World Cup Semi Finals
  2. Still Can’t Work out How he hit that” Australia Great on Virat Kohli’s Six off Haris Rauf
  3. FIFA called on World cup teams to “Focus on Football” in Qatar
  4. Legendary Brazilian Footballer Cafu to Play Charity Match at the Inauguration of the Kolkata Police friendship Cup
  5. Shiva Thapa Entered Quarterfinals at Asian Elite Boxing Championships

Business News Headlines – 05 November 2022

  1. Sensex Reverses Losses to Rise Over 100 Points to End at 60,950
  2. Rupee Rises sharply to 82.44 A Dollar from 82.89, Driven by Yuvan’s rally
  3. Supreme Court Upholds Validity of Employees Pension (Amendment) of 2014
  4. Apply Adds New iPhone 14 Maker in India in Shift from China
  5. Apple is Now worth more than Meta, Amazon and alphabet combined
  6. Lionel Messi is BYJU’s Global Brand Ambassador
  7. Bank of England Delivers Biggest Interest Rate Hike in 30 Years.
  8. RBI’s Monetary Committee discusses report on Inflation Target Miss
  9. US Adds More Jobs in October, Unemployment Rate Still Rises
  10. State Run GAIL’s profit falls 46% as Russian Gas Supply Snags

Science & Technology News Headlines – 05 November 2022

  1. The moon will be in conjunction with the Jupiter on Friday, November 4.
  2. Woman Survived Cancer 12 Times, Her Genes Surprise Experts
  3. NASA’s Artemis 1 Launch now set for November 14

Weather of New Delhi on 5th November 2022 Saturday

The Temperature of 5th November in New Delhi will reach to 32 degree Celsius at day time and will drop to 20 degree Celsius at night.

General Knowledge(GK) Questions for Daily School Assembly – 05 November 2022

1. India lies in which continent?
Answer: Asia

2. Which country are the Giza Pyramids in?
Answer: The Giza Pyramids are in Egypt.

3. What city is the statue of liberty in?
Answer: The statue of liberty is in New York City

4. How many Cricket world cups does India have?
Answer: India has two cricket world cups.

5. Martyrs’ Day is celebrated every year on?
Answer: 30th January

6. Name the first 3 planets in our solar system?
Answer: The first 3 planets in our solar system are mercury, venus, and earth.

7. Which is the longest river on the earth?
Answer: Nile

8. Gir National Park in Gujarat is famous for?
Answer: Lion

9. Which animal has hump on its back?
Answer: Camel

10. Name 3 root vegetables?
Answer: Beets, carrots, and radish are root vegetables.

Thought of the Day – 05 November 2022

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.

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