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CBSE Circular – Submission of LOC for Class X(10) and XII(12) – 2022-23

CBSE Circular - Submission of LOC for Class X(10) and XII(12) - 2022-23
Written by Chetan Darji

Submission of List Of Candidates for Class X(10) and XII(12) – 2022-23

Submission of List of Candidates (LOC) for Class X(10) and XII(12) is the most important activities towards preparation for the Board’s Examination every year. For the session 2022-23 the activity of submission of data of eligible candidates through LOC is being started available from 16th June 2022.

Submission of LOC shall be done through e-Pariksha Portal Link given in CBSE Website

As submission of the the LOC as per schedule s very important the schools are therefore requested to plan timely submission of data of the candidates. It will also have to be ensured that the filled -in data is correct.

Following actions are to be taken for the Registration of students in the List of Candidates:-

  1. There are various details / information in list of candidates, without understanding which, school will not be able to fill-in the LOC correctly. It is therefore requested that a meeting be convened by the principal with the persons / teachers assigned the responsibility to complete the LOC in which this circular be discussed in details and after proper understanding, LOC be filled.
  2. Only those students shall be allowed to appear for Class X and XII Board’s Examinations in session 2022-23, whose names would be submitted through the online process of submission of LOC explained in this circular.
  3. Principals / Schools should ensure that : –
    1. Students sponsored are their own regular and bonafide students only.
    2. No bonafide students’ name is left unsponsored.
    3. Students are not from any unauthorized / unaffiliated schools.
    4. Students are regularly attending classes in your school.
    5. Students are not registered with any other School education Board in addition to CBSE.
    6. The students are eligible for appearing in Board’s Examination for Classes X and XII as per provisions of Examination Byelaws.
    7. In case of students of Class – XII, it may be specifically ensured that the students have passed their class-x examination from a recognized School Education Board Only.
  4. All schools need to ensure that byelaws/rules of the CBSE are being followed in letter and spirit for submission of List of Candidates, availability of class rooms and the teachers. In a section 40 students are allowed and teachers pupil ration is 1:30. Further number of sections cannot exceed the number of sections permitted by the Board.
  5. All CBSE affiliated schools are required to register themselves before proceeding for online submission. Schools must use the ‘Affiliation Number’ as user ID, already available with them.
  6. Newly affiliated schools should contact the concerned Regional Office of the CBSE for obtaining password, in case they have not received their password or instructions regarding it. After receiving the password, schools are advised to change the password for future use and keep it confidential to avoid misuse. Maintaining the safety of the password shall be he sole responsibility of the schools.

How to Submission of LOC for Class X(10) and XII(12) – 2022-23

Official website of CBSE –

Direct Link for Submission of LOC – 2022-23

Features of Online System for Submission of LOC

  1. Before proceeding for submission of LOC, existing schools shall have to update the data on OASIS & PHE Portal
  2. Only those TGTs/PGTs who are teaching Classes IX-X/XI-XII respectively should be shown as TGT/PGT to ensure appointment of eligible evaluators for quality evaluation. Accordingly, in OASIS, classes taught need to be clearly filled in by the schools. The names of the teachers who have left the school shall be deleted from the data. Simultaneously the names of teachers whose names are not figuring in the existing data shall be included.
  3. It may be ensured that the full names of the teachers shall be filled in the OASIS Abbreviations should not be used. If abbreviations are given. It will be treated that wrong data of teachers have been provided by the schools. No salutations etc. shall be prefixed with names.
  4. New schools have to:-
    1. first enter the information on the OASIS portal
    2. thereafter, they will submit the data on HPE portal.
    3. after completing activity (a) & (b) above, they can submit LOC data.

While uploading data, schools will be responsible for ensuring the following:-

  1. Spelling of name of student/mother/father/guardian is correct and is as per Admission & Withdrawal Register maintained by the school.
  2. Date of Birth is correct and is a per Admission & Withdrawal Register maintained by the school.
  3. Subject combinations are correct and as per Scheme of Studies.

Fee Details for LOC for Class X and XII for 2022-23

Without Late Fee

ClassesFee Details
Class X (10) and XII(12Rupees. 1,500/- per candidate for 05 subjects.
Rupees. 300/- per subject per candidate for additional subject

With Late Fee

Late fee of Rupees. 2,000/- per candidate in addition to normal fee prescribed above

Practical Fee

For Class – XII only

Rs. 150/- per practical subject per candidate for schools in india

CBSE Migration Certificate Fee

Rupees. 350/- per candidate

Schedule Time line Date for the Submission of LOC

Starting DateEnding Date
16.06.2022 ( Thursday)31.08.2022 (Wednesday)

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