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CBSE Circular – Launch of the ‘AI Facilitator Community’ Join Session Link 2022

CBSE Circular - Launch of the 'AI Facilitator Community' Join Session Link 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

Are you searching for –  Launch of the ‘AI Facilitator Community’ Join Session Link 2022

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The Complete and Official Information of CBSE Circular – Launch of the ‘AI Facilitator Community’ Join Session Link 2022.

What is Launch of the ‘AI Facilitator Community’

This is in with reference to CBSE Notification No. 25/2021 dated 12.03.2021 whereby AI Student Community (AISC) – a youth-driven platform to encourage collaborative learning, sharing, and creating AI-enabled social impact solutions, was launched by CBSE. Now, CBSE in collaboration with Intel is launching AI Facilitator Community (AIFC) – a teacher-driven platform for collaborating, sharing best practices, professional development, and utilizing their knowledge in facilitating and empowering the students to create AI-enabled social impact solutions and democratizing AI awareness.

The AI Facilitator Community (AIFC) aims to

  • provide a platform for facilitators to come together to interact, learn and share experiences
  • leverage their Knowledge to create AI-enabled lesson plans and facilitate students to develop social impact solutions
  • spread AI awareness in an inclusive way. AIFC is a collaboration platform for all the teachers – AI teachers, Computer teachers as well as Subject teachers.

To register, access the website at:

To orient teachers on the AIFC platform, CBSE shall be organizing Orientation Sessions. Teachers can join the session using the links mentioned below:

115th November 2022, Tuesday4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
216th November 2022, Wednesday4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Key features of AIFC – AI Facilitator Community 2022

  1. This community is for facilitators from all across the country.
  2. Facilitators will be able to register using basic information and later on access the website using a Login ID and a password
  3. Registered members (facilitators) will be able to
    ▪ learn AI as a skill and its application in the curriculum for supporting students in creating
    social impact projects through webinars with Intel® AI certified coaches and experts
    ▪ access AI learning resources curated from across the world
    ▪ attend webinars and face-to-face seminars to enhance their AI skills
    ▪ participate in online challenges to test their knowledge and up-level themselves
    ▪ share their experiences as Blogs
    ▪ connect with other facilitators from across the country
    ▪ discuss and deliberate on relevant AI topics in a moderator-curated forum

Download Official CBSE Circular of Launch of the ‘AI Facilitator Community’

For any queries and feedback, please send an email to [email protected] (Dr. Biswaj)

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