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CBSE Circular – Introduction of Skill Modules for Middle School students under NEP-2020

CBSE Circular - Introduction of Skill Modules for Middle School students under NEP-2020
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The Complete and Official Information of CBSE Circular – Introduction of Skill Modules for Middle School students under NEP-2020

CBSE Circular – Introduction of Skill Modules for Middle School students under NEP-2020

As you are aware that the National Education Policy-2020 has given lots of emphasis on promoting Skill education in schools.

This policy aims to overcome the social status hierarchy associated with vocational education and requires integration of vocational education programmes into mainstream education in all education institutions in a phased manner. Beginning with vocational exposure at early ages in middle and secondary school, quality vocational education will be integrated smoothly into higher education. It will ensure that every child learns at least one vocation and is exposed to several more. This would lead to emphasizing the dignity of labour and importance of various vocations involving /Indian arts and artisanship.

In compliance of this, CBSE has introduced following Skill Modules (each of 12-15 hours duration) for students of classes VI-VIII, which are aligned to the Skill subjects being offered in Secondary and Senior Secondary classes:

  • (1) Artificial Intelligence
  • (2) Beauty & Wellness
  • (3) Design Thinking & Innovation
  • (4) Financial Literacy
  • (5) Handicrafts
  • (6) Information Technology
  • (7) Marketing/ Commercial Application
  • (8) Mass Media – Being Media Literate
  • (9) Travel & Tourism
  • (10) Coding
  • (11) Data Science (Class VIII only)
  • (12) Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  • (13) Digital Citizenship
  • (14) Life Cycle of Medicine & Vaccine
  • (15) Things You should know about keeping Medicines at home
  • (16) What to do when Doctor is not around
  • (17) Humanity & Covid-19
  • (18) Blue Pottery
  • (19) Pottery
  • (20) Block Printing
  • (21) Food
  • (22) Food Preservation
  • (23) Baking
  • (24) Herbal Heritage
  • (25) Khadi
  • (26) Mask making
  • (27) Mass Media
  • (28) Making of a Graphic Novel
  • (29) Kashmiri Embroidery
  • (30) Embroidery
  • (31) Rockets
  • (32) Satellites
  • (33) Application of Satellites

The following maybe noted with regard to the introduction of Skill Modules in the school:

  • The Skill Modules are of 12-15 hours duration.
  • 70% of the time duration must be devoted to hands-on activities and 30% for theory.
  • The schools can use the ‘Bagless Days’ or the vacation time (Winter break, Autumn break, Summer break) or Summer Camps or Activity Periods, etc. to teach the Skill Modules.
  • Schools can also explore to have a regular period for selective Skill Modules to encourage more students to opt from this academic session.
  • Schools/ students are free to opt any Skill Module(s) in class VI/ VII/ VIII.
  • Irrespective of the class, students opting for any Skill Module shall have to start with the first module of a topic and move on to subsequent modules.
  • The students are free to opt for more than one Skill Module in a class/ Academic session. But may not be encouraged to do more than one Skill Module simultaneously.
  • Students can take up the next Skill Module of the same topic or can take up the Skill Module of another topic after completing the previous Skill Module.
  • The school may hire teachers/trainers for teaching these Skill Modules. However, the existing teachers can also be deputed for teaching of these modules. A suggestive list of existing subject teachers who can be engaged to teach the Skill Modules is being shared for reference (Ann. A).
  • The assessment of Skill Modules is to be done by the school as per the guidelines/ criteria/ modalities for assessment which shall be provided by CBSE shortly.
  • The Skill Modules can also be offered by the school through the respective Hobby Clubs/ Innovation clubs/ Skill Clubs, etc. (if available).
  • School can offer Skill Modules even through Hubs of Learning or under the Skill Hub initiative.
  • No fee is to be paid by the affiliated schools to CBSE for introducing any Skill Module.
  • Schools who wish to introduce the Skill Modules from classes VI-VIII, should provide information/ details to CBSE.
  • Go to CBSE Main Website ( or Academic Website ( Click on tile of School As Knowledge & Skill Hub (SAKSH), then click Skill Education (Class VI, VII, VIII) or use link
  • The study material of all the Skill Modules being offered by CBSE is available on CBSE academic website ( on the ‘Skill Education’ webpage under the books section (for Middle school). ( )
  • The study material for the Skill Modules has been prepared in collaboration with the respective Sector Skills Councils/ Industry representatives/ Organizations (list annexed at Ann. B). The study material has been prepared in simple language and is primarily activity based.

Therefore, all Schools affiliated to CBSE are requested to select few Skill Modules, which can be conveniently offered from the Academic session 2023-24 with existing infrastructure and manpower available in schools and also suit the demand of students.

For any further queries/ feedback please contact Joint Secretary, Department of Skill Education, CBSE through email at [email protected]

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