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CBSE Circular – Announcement of “Multilingualism” as Training Theme for the sessions 2022-23

CBSE Circular - Announcement of “Multilingualism” as Training Theme for the sessions 2022-23
Written by Chetan Darji

Are you searching for – Announcement of “Multilingualism” as Training Theme for the sessions 2022-23

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The Complete and Official Information of CBSE Circular – Announcement of “Multilingualism” as Training Theme for the sessions 2022-23.

What is “Multilingualism” as Training Theme for the sessions 2022-23

India’s languages are among the richest, most scientific, most beautiful, and most expressive in the world, with a huge body of ancient as well as modern literature (both prose and poetry), film, and music written in these languages that help form India’s national identity and wealth.

In view of NEP 2020 recommendation that “Children will be exposed to a variety of languages, with emphasis on mother-tongue/local language from the Foundational Stage”, this year Board announces ‘Multilingualism’ as a training theme for the sessions 2022-23. Based on research on Multilingualism, NEP 2020 also mentions that Multilingualism has cognitive benefits to young students.

Considering the above, following programmes on Multilingualism shall be conducted during the year 2022-23 :

  • Awareness webinars on Multilingualism shall be organized by all CoEs.
  • Available content with Bhasha Sangam, NCERT in different Indian languages may be used by the schools.
  • The school shall translate stories into diverse languages and also create podcasts or videos with the help of Multiple Languages.
  • The school shall organize fairs/fetes themed around languages to facilitate learning of diverse languages.
  • Orientation programmes on Sign Language may be organized by the schools.

These programmes would give both teachers and students a sense of the unity and the beautiful cultural heritage and diversity of India and would be a wonderful icebreaker their whole lives as they meet people from other parts of India

Sharing of Resources and Suggestions “Multilingualism” as Training Theme

All Principals/Teachers affiliated to CBSE Shall submit their valuable suggestions, and resources and details of conducted activities through the link given below:

The link can be accessed by email ID only.

Sh. Sanjeev Srivastava, Assistant Secretary, Training Unit, HQ is nodal officer for this programme and available at e-mail ID: [email protected] and telephone no: 011-22043634

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