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Best Yoga Practice for Kids – For 6 to 10 Classes in 2021

Best-Yoga-Poses-For-Kids in 2021

From ancient India, Yoga is known for many physical and mental benefits. Yoga helps to get rid of daily physical and mental problems. In today’s fast and burdened kids’ life, are suffering from much physical and mental pressure. They suffer from headache, body ache, laziness. As a parent we must encourage our child to go through daily exercise by YOGA, slowly they will become part of it and adopt in their daily schedule. YOGA is the best art designed for the kid. Kids can increase their flexibility, strength and one of the best parts they can control their mind too. So, Develop spirituality from a young age.

Start Your Yoga at early Age

Here we will talk about a few Yoga Asana that works wonder for kids development. These asanas will strengthen their body mind and improve their flexibility.

Surya Namskar 1st Asana

The first and Asana we will talk about is Surya Namaskar. Each pose works on activating all inner system and gives positive effects on the kid’s body. The Asana is all about breathing system when to inhale and exhale. This process improves the lungs system and relaxing the kids’ mind. Kids can do it any time but the best and the beneficial time is sunrise time.

Tadasan Kids for Yoga

The second and import Asana is Tadaasana POSE. It increases the height of kids and strengthens the whole body. Asana Look simple standing, but it is the active Asana Pose, in which the performer engages in the breath, mind and posture of the body.

Sirsasan Asan of the pose

The third Asana that benefits kids are SHIRSHASANA. Asana should be under the guidance of the perfect yoga instructor. Asana circulates the blood in the brain and upper part of the body. This Asana relaxes the kid’s mind, feel fresh, reduces mental stress anxiety of young kids. The SHIRSHASANAA helps to improve the blood flow to the eyes, which works for eye-sight also.

tree Pose Kids for Yoga

The fourth beneficiary asana is TREE POSE. The bubbly nature kids will not follow all your rules and get bored fastly if we did restrictions on them. So, try to do these Asanas in a Funny moods so that they can enjoy doing. Get Healthy with Masti. This Asana is a little bit the same as Mountain pose. Bring your right leg above the left leg, fold your hands, close your eyes and focus on breathing. This Asana is easy for kids to teach. The Asana works on anxiety and hyperness.

At last, I want to say kids are copycat of their parents. So, if they saw you taking care of your health and doing hard work for your physique, they will copy you.

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