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Beautiful Short Speech for Christmas Day 25 December

Beautiful Short Speech for Christmas Day 25 December 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

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Beautiful Short Speech for Christmas Day 25 December

Some Lines –

Where there is faith, there is love;

Where there is Love, There is Peace;

Where there is Peace, There is God:

And Where there is God, There is no Need.

True Faith is a Whole Soul Commitment to God. Christmas is not Necessarily about Things. It’s about Being to One another. It’s about Kindness. It’s about Faith. It’s about Love.

Let’s Start a Beautiful Speech

Good Morning to the Respected Principal Sir, Teachers and My Dear Friends.

My Name is Chetan Darji. Today is 25th of December and We are Celebrating Christmas Day. I would like to Say Few Lines on This Beautiful Occasion.

Christmas Day ‘A Festival of Love and Brotherhood. Christmas means Feast Day of Christ. This day refers to the Birth of Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus is he Son of God. This day is celebrated to pay honor to Jesus Christ. People believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God for years. People of different religions also celebrate this day. It is believed that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi who had preached his messages to people orally. He came on Earth to Support his people. Jesus Christ came to Earth as Savior of His people. He was one of the important prophets of God. Innocent people treated him as Messiah. He taught people to follow the path of Goodness and to Believe in the Almighty.

Children feel so happy and special. They receive a lot of gifts and surprises from their parents and relatives and friends. They believe that Santa Plants Gift for them at Night.

Christmas is a Symbol of Love, Joy, Hope and Happiness. If we really want to Gift someone on this day. I think no Gift will be better than to Forgive your Enemy, To do Charity, To Become Good Example for Every Children and to Give Respect to yourself and everybody. With this I conclude my speech. May this Christmas increase your faith in God.

I wish you all Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Thank you to All of you.

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