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What is and Why PRASHAST Application, Download Link Uses 2022

What is and Why PRASHAST Application, Download Link Uses 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

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What is PRASHAST ?

PRASHAST is divided into two parts, Part-1 and Part-2 for the preliminary screening of students in schools to facilitate further referral to assessment camps for disability certification.

  • PRASHAST Part-1 is for the use by regular teachers for first level screening. It contains objective type items that need to be tick marked, and the resulting data of all the students is to be handed over to the school head.
  • PRASHAST Part-2 is for the use by special educators/counsellors/school heads for second level screening and tentative listing of disabilities in accordance with the 21 categories of disability conditions recognized by RPwD Act 2016. The results of the second level screening is to facilitate further identification and certification of disabilities

PRASHAST is prepared in a manner that is user friendly, written in simple and clear language, assimilates and presents the behavioral manifestations of the 21 disabilities, mentioned in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (RPwD) 2016.

points to be remember while using the PRASHAST Application


PRASHAST aims at enhancing the participation of regular teachers in the systematic screening of students, studying in regular schools for possible disability conditions, assuming school as the smallest unit of data collection. Procedural steps adopted for the development of PRASHAST are mentioned below:

  1. Status Study Survey
  2. In house development
  3. Vetting and Finalization Workshop
  4. Field Tryout
  5. Psychometric Properties of PRASHAST
  6. Language editing
  7. External Vetting by National & International Experts

How to use PRASHAST Part-1 – For School, Teachers and Counsellors

Guidelines for School Heads – PRASHAST

  1. School Heads to ensure that the general teacher is properly oriented by Special Educator/Resource Teachers/IE Coordinators/SCERT/DIET/ Counsellors, in the use of PRASHAST for initial screening of students. For this one day, or half a day orientation meeting/workshop/discussion can be organized in the school.
  2. Each regular teacher is to be provided one copy of Part-1 of PRASHAST per student. The School Head should collect all the PRASHAST Part-1 filled by the regular teachers.
  3. The School Head is to refer all the filled PRASHAST Part-1 to Special Educator/Resource Teachers/Counsellors for further screening using Part-2 of PRASHAST. In case there are no Special Educators/Resource Teachers/Counsellors in the schools, the School Head should do the screening using PRASHAST Part-2 with the help of nearby Primary Health Centres (PHC).

Guidelines for Regular Teachers – PRASHAST

  1. Before using PRASHAST, attend the orientation meeting/workshop and read the document carefully.
  2. PRASHAST Part-1 is to be used for screening all the students in a class. PRASHAST Part-1 to be administered by the class teachers with the help of subject teachers where required. Teacher should tick (✓)/ “YES” according to the behaviour of the student described in the PRASHAST Part-1.
  3. Teachers with the help of School Heads to share their observations with parents / guardians of the screened students based on the PRASHAST Part-1.
  4. Before using PRASHAST Part-1, teachers should observe the student for 2 weeks or more in different contexts, for example, academic, social, behavioural, mobility and orientation.
  5. Information related to the screened students is confidential and is to be shared with concerned parents/guardians and authorized personnel only.

Guidelines for Special Educators/Resource Teachers/Counsellors – PRASHAST

  1. Orient the general teachers for using PRASHAST Part-1.
  2. Collect the completed PRASHAST Part-1 from school heads and then use PRASHAST Part-2 to validate the findings of PRASHAST Part-1.
  3. To provide counselling and guidance to the teachers and parents/guardians of the screened students.

How to Download PRASHAST Application ?

We have to Follow only One Step to Download PRASHAST Application

Step – 1 :

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