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What are Benefits of studying from a Kendriya Vidyalaya?

What are Benefits of studying from a Kendriya Vidyalaya
Written by Chetan Darji
  1. Recognition: KVs are there all across the country and everybody knows the level of education in those institutions is quite good. So when you say you are from KV that does give a good impression.
  2. Sports: KVs give special focus on sports. I have come across so many people from KVs in my life so far and almost all of them play some sport and are actually good at it.
  3. Funding: All Kendriya Vidyalayas operate under the aegis of the Ministry of HRD, GOI. So funding is not a problem.
  4. Facilities: With central funding KVs provide all sorts of facilities to their students in for much less fees as compared to private schools with similar resources.
  5. Fees: Fees of KVs is already less than private schools. Only boys from class IX onwards are charged tuition fees.Children of KV employees and SC/ST students are exempt from tuition fees.
  6. Quality: Becoming a teacher in a KV is not a cakewalk. You have to be really really good to be a teacher in KV. So one can only imagine how educated,qualified,competent, intelligent and knowledgeable the teachers are in KVs.
  7. Defense Forces Personnel: One of the primary objectives of KVs is to serve the educational needs of the wards of defense forces. Syllabus in all the KVs is same. So if a soldier gets posted from one place to another his children can easily switch from KV to KV without much disturbance in their syllabus and studies.

They are countless. I will mention few of them.

  1. Each and every Vidyalaya gives the maximum priority for discipline.
  2. Opportunity to represent yourself and your school in national level.
  3. Best infrastructure with the best laboratory and equipments at an affordable fees.
  4. Free medical checkup twice a year.
  5. Smart classrooms for senior secondary and activity rooms.
  6. Various competitions are held every Saturday to showcase your talent. e.g.- Dancing, singing, skit, poem recitation, tableau, mime,etc.
  7. Nationwide recognition.
  8. Supportive teachers.
  9. Many nation level competitions like Social Science exhibition, Science exhibition, Scouts and Guides, Sports and Athletics, etc.
  10. Many campaigns are conducted like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Vigilance awareness week, etc.

From Students View

Benefits of Kendriya Vidyalaya 2021

I am a proud KVIAN….n yes i can proudly say that….
It is a mini India kind of experience when u r studying there…because most of the pupil’s fathers are from defence sector so…….we have punjabis,marathis,gujratis,biharis,bengalis,kashmiris ,n all ..
(aah cosmopolitan)

you get to study the best of the things….from best of the teachers.

co curricular activities are a must in kv schools. every saturday we use to have dance poem singing essay writing drama organised. so it gives an overall development not just academic..

You get to know different cultures n languages. you can meet three status people the ones who are financially a bit weak…. n those who are middle class. n those too who are from high class . N you get to know how there life’s are….
three cheers for the KVIANS.

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