Way to Say ‘ You’re Welcome’

Dont use You are welome 10 new phrases
Written by Chetan Darji

मत कहो ‘ You are Welcome

Thank You के जवाब में सीखो 10 नए तरीके

English Phrases

Thank you by Stud Mentor
  1. Any time – Kabhi bhi
  2. You are truly welcome – Sache Dil Se
  3. Don’t mention it – Arey Zikr Karne ki Jarurat Nahi
  4. Not a problem – Koi bat nahi
  5. With pleasure – Khushi se
  6. Anything for you – Tumhare liye kuchh bhi
  7. You would have done the same – Tum Bhi Yehi karte
  8. Glad/Happy to help you – Bahot Khushi hui
  9. Happy to be of Service – Kam ane ke liye khushi he
  10. It was nothing – Yeh to Kuchh bhi nahi he

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