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Speech On World Scout Day in English – 22 February

Speech On World Scout Day in English - 22 February 2023
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Speech On World Scout Day in English – 22 February

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers and My Dear Friends Good Morning to All

World Scout Day is an Unique Day which is commemorated on February 22 every year by members of the scouting movement. It is a day on which Scouting representatives view to keep the pledges made by the scouting movement.

“The Open – air is the real objective of scouting and the key to its success. ” – Baron Baden Powell

World Scout Day honor the birth anniversary of Robert Baden Powell, who was born in 1857, and considered the pioneer of scouting. Fortunately, the founder’s wife was born on the same day as him in 1889, so we commemorate both Mr. and Mrs. Baden – Birthday on February 22nd. Guides to scouting were re-written by Baden – Powell, this time for new craved. To test his theories.

He conducted an experimental camp on Dorset, Broom sea Island, Poole in 1907. He gathered 22 boys, Mostly from Government schools and others from low-income families, and place them in tent under his direction. The outcome of that camp is now known to the entire globe.

Baden Powell’s tomb has been termed into a pilgrimage destination in Kenya. It is not only a tourist location, but also a gathering place for members of the Kenya scouts Association.

In a nutshell, the creators of the scouts and guides aspired to make the entire population self- sufficient and finer individuals them they had ever been.

10 Lines Essay on World Scout Day – 22 February 2023

World Scout Day is celebrated on 22nd February every year all over the world. This day is also known as thinking day.

World Scout Day is celebrated every year on 22 February, the birth anniversary of scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden – Powell (born) and his wife Olava Baden – Powell.

Robert Baden Powell was a British Army Officer who became a great national hero for his 217 day defense of Mafeking in South Africa from 1899 to 1902.

Later, he became famous as the founder and co-founder of the Boy Scouts in 1908.

In 1910, a parallel organization for girls was also laid.

Scouting enables all round development of individuals and trains them to be ready for all situations. scouting is all about building self-confident and self respect, learning important life skills and leadership skills, team building, outdoor adventure, education and fun.

Scouts learn to make good choices and take responsibility for their actions so that they can prepare for their busy lives as independent individuals.

The main objectives of a scouting program are to character development, leadership development, citizenship training and personal fitness. Leadership development is also one of the eight Scouting methods that contribute to both good character and good citizenship.

World Scouts Day is the Founders Day in the life of scouts. The scouts and guides association members commemorate the day with zeal. They entertain themselves and enjoy their participation in these organizations by organizing various activities.

Scouts and Guides is a Voluntary, non – political, educational movement, which provides every young man an opportunity to serve humanity, irrespective of color, origin or caste.

Special Note : Bharat Scouts and Guides works on the basis of its goals, principles and methods, which were created by its found Lord Baden Powell in 1907

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