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Speech on Indian Army Day for Students and Teachers- 15 January

Speech on Indian Army Day for Students and Teachers- 15 January
Written by Chetan Darji

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Speech on Indian Army Day for Students – 15 January

Born to Fight, Trained to Kill, that is our Indian Army. Indian Army are our Heroes who always stand strong to keep us safe. We salute to all those brave fighters who sacrificed their life to protect the motherland, who salute the brave soldiers who maintain the integrity of the Nation.

The Indian Army Day is to Honor our country’s soldiers who set the greatest examples of selfless service and brotherhood and above all love for the Country.

Good Morning to All, Respected Principal, Teachers and My dear Friends

My Name is Chetan Darji. Together we are celebrating National Army Day Today to Honor our Brave Soldiers who are the reason behind our Pride, our Smile. This year India is celebrating its 75th Indian Army Day. 15th January is very special day for Indian Army. But Why ? and this is very important question, each and every Indian must know the reason behind the celebration of Indian Army day. Well, The Indian Army was originated from the forces of the ‘East India Company’, Which later known as the ‘British Indian Army’ and Eventually after Independence it is known as the ‘National Army’.

The Indian Army was officially Established on 1st April, 1895. When India got Independence, The Command of the Indian Army was in the hands of the British General Sir Francis Butcher. Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa became the first Indian Army Chief of Independent India on 15th January 1949 and the Indian Army got its First Chief.

This Grand Day was an Important day in Indian history and is marked as Indian Army Day in the Country. As we all know that Indian Army works as ‘Service before Self’ and It’s mission is to ensure National Security and Unity.

It’s our Moral duty to respect and love them.

We should not forget that we are lucky and blessed that we have Indian Army ! Thank you for protecting us. Thank you for sacrificing your everything for us. you are saviors of Bharat Mata. Thanks for being with us and protecting us in every situation.

Thank you Indian Military

Speech on Indian Army Day for Teachers- 15 January

A very Good Morning to respected Principal and A hearty welcome to all the esteemed teachers and my dear students.

As I stand before you today, I would like to say few words about the Indian Army – the troops serving around the clock to uphold the honor, safety, and welfare of the country. Indian Army Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of January since it was the day when the last British Commander in Chief, General Sir Francis Butcher, was replaced by the First Indian Commander in Chief of the Indian Army, Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa in the year 1949.

After the independence of India, Indian Army Day is an important milestone since it signifies India, taking control of its defenses. The Indian Army is known to serve in one of the most diverse environmental conditions enduring the rigors of climate from the glacial heights with extreme cold, dense mountainous jungles to the heat of the deserts.

With a spirit of selfless sacrifice, discipline, and forthrightness, the Indian Army strives to work against all forces of discrimination on the basis of religion, caster or Creed.

The Indian Army always reminds us of the strong, disciplined, courageous brave men and women who risk their live at every hour for the love of their country. When we complain about how worse life has become due to the crisis, the people in the Indian Army stand firm and complain about nothing, even though they know that any moment might be their last. They too have loved ones at home, they too have a family, but they chose the love of the nation over everything else, even above their own life.

Thank you Indian Military

Thank you to all.

10 Lines on Indian Army Day 2023

  1. Army day is celebrated on the 15th of January
  2. KM Cariappa led the Indian Army during the Indo Pakistan war of 1947.
  3. Indian Army day is also celebrated to pay tribute to the martyred soldiers in India
  4. Army day is celebrated in every headquarters of the Indian Army with various patriotic and nationalistic activities.
  5. In the recent past, to inculcate the value of sacrifice, velour, and bravery for our children, Army day is celebrated in schools and colleges.
  6. In the capital of India New Delhi, Army Day celebrated by Paying tribute to the soldiers at Amar Jawan at India Gate.
  7. On the 15th January every years, a parade takes place across various military cantonments in India to show case to technological.
  8. Medals of bravery and valour are given to the family members of the martyred soldiers on Army Day.
  9. The first woman officer of Indian Army Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi was in Charge of the India Army Day Parade in the year 2019.
  10. The closest relatives of martyred soldiers are given medals and other awards on 15th of January every year.

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