A school is a school designed for teaching students (or “pupils”), under the direction of teachers, in learning areas and learning environments. Most countries have formal education systems which are often binding.The students progress through a number of schools in those systems. These schools are named for different countries, but in general they include primary and secondary schools for adolescents who have completed primary education. A college or university is commonly referred to as an institution that offers higher education, but these colleges are typically not compulsory.

Starting a school

A school board that requires parents to design new schools and to recommend them is a model for a local school board in Toronto.

Factors to be decided on in the design of a school include:

  • Goals: What is education’s purpose and what is the role of the school?
  • Governance: Who’s going to decide what?
  • Parent involvement: How is the school welcomed by parents?
  • Student body: Is it a neighborhood school or a specialty school, for example?
  • Student conduct: What behaviour, and when conduct is improper, is acceptable?
  • Curriculum: Who’ll decide on the curricula and what will be the curriculum model?