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Registration Link 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2023

Registration Link 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2023

The 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes-2023 is scheduled to be held in collaboration with Mumbai Sahodaya Schools Complex on the theme “Reimagining the Changing Landscape- Quality Transformation in School Education” on 8th and 9th December 2023 at The Westin Mumbai, Powai Lake, Powai, Mumbai. The conference aims to engage participants in co creating and contributing towards a sustainable future. It also aims at enabling the Principals and Management of CBSE schools to understand the new policies and innovative practices that have been launched by the Board along with special emphasis on NEP 2020 and NCFFS 2023.

Sub themes of the conference are:

  • i. Lead The Change
  • ii. Quality Transformation in Education: Curriculum -design and assessment
  • iii. Reimagining Learning Spaces
  • iv. Rethinking the Educational Workforce
  • v. Evolving and Emerging School Systems
  • vi. Education for Resilience, Protection and well-being
  • vii. Vocational Education- Global Perspective
  • viii. Education in digital age-opportunities and challenges

Call for Case Studies

The case studies for a general issue of souvenir may be submitted as per guidelines given below. The case study should reflect the best practices adopted by the school on the following sub themes:

  • Role of Technology in the implementation of multilingualism in schools
  • Assessment and Feedback in competency-based learning
  • Mental Health and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Cross-Disciplinary Skill Integration
  • Incorporating Arts and Creativity
  • Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Community Engagement and Internships

Guidelines for submission of the case study:

  • Word limit for the case study is 1000 words
  • The work has to be an original contribution. No plagiarized work will be accepted.
  • The study should shed light on significant issues, dilemmas, or challenges encountered by schools, teachers, or principals within specific contexts. In addition to identifying challenges, these cases should also propose or suggest potential strategies for addressing these challenges.
  • It should also offer a modest and accurate account of the actual events that transpired. It is strongly urged that the inclusion of authentic primary and secondary data. However, in cases where primary data is used, authors should take measures to disguise certain names and other confidential information to ensure confidentiality is maintained.
  • References, if any should be mentioned at the end of the write up.
  • To be submitted as a single file in MS WORD format (Pdf format will not be accepted) in Arial/Unicode (for Hindi) font size 12 with 1.5-line space. Margins on both sides should be 2cm.
  • The write up can be either in Hindi or English with topic, name of the contributor: Principal/ teacher and the name of the school with address.
  • Accompanied by relevant evidences in the form of photographs and other relevant evidences (images and photographs should be sent in .jpeg format only)
  • To be submitted online through an e-mail at [email protected] on or before 31st October, 2023.

Please note:

  1. Write ups received after the mentioned deadline will not be accepted.
  2. The Editorial Team reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the entries.
  3. The selected probable best practices will be collated and released in the form of an eSOUVENIR during the Conference.
  4. Hard copies will not be accepted.

Registration Link 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2023

Please register online at for participation in the 29th National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes – 2023. Alternatively the participants can use to register. The last date for registration is Nov 10, 2023.

Participation Fee

Participation fee collected by the host Sahodaya will be subject to third party audit as laid down by the Board. For more information, please visit or you may contact Dr. Rashmirekha Saha, Treasurer, Mumbai Sahodaya School Complex at 9766392660 or Mr. Rajeev Garg at 9819856550

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